Meet Jenna Brown

My current position with The Nest is: Founder & Executive Director

My favorite place is:  Cuddling my sleeping babies in my bed!

Best piece of advice I've ever received is: Always be teachable.

I hope I always: have a heart to listen to the Lord, and to people. To go and obey wherever I am called.

The greatest invention in the last ten years has been: Vanilla Coke. (wait, has that been in the past 10 years?)

If I had a super power, it would be: To be in two places at once. (isn't that every mom's dream?)

My biggest accomplishment was when:  I gave birth to both our babies.

A great leader is/does:  someone who knows their strengths and weaknesses and surrounds themselves with people whose strengths are different than theirs. They are quick to listen, slow to speak ... and quick to apologize.

My all-time favorite book is: Redeeming Love. by Francine Rivers. Brought me back to Jesus and changed my life forever.

I'm inspired by:  people, quiet moments, children, and books.

The leader I admire is: The leaders within the Nest who have come along side me and believed in this vision. They are the true leaders. It takes a lot of faith to follow someone else's dream and commit to it as your own!



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Read more about Jenna and the "How & Why" she started The Mother's Nest Below.


Hi! I'm Jenna!

I have the privilege of being the Founder of The Mother's Nest!

This is the part where I get to share a little bit about me ... how I got here ... and my crazy, beautiful family!!

I grew up in the Ellet, Akron area but did not spend all of my time in this fine city of snowy greatness!

After graduating high school, I started a psychology degree at Bowling Green State University. It was a GREAT place for me to get away and learn more about myself.

At Bowling Green, I re-committed my life to Jesus. A great person I used to know and had fallen far away from. From there, He became my rock and pretty much flipped my life upside down.

Half-way through what was my Sophomore year, I left B.G. to do what I thought would be a short-term mission trip with Youth With A Mission, in Newcastle, Australia. Yet again, I learned so much about myself and absolutely fell in love with a lifestyle to love and serve others.

I stayed a part of the missions world in YWAM for several years going back and forth between Australia, North America, Brazil, Argentina, and South Africa ... but at the end of that journey, God brought me back here to Akron, Ohio.

I started my journey in becoming a mom before my husband and I were even married. 

We had the insanely hard (and never ending hilarious) privilege of taking full custody of my husband's two younger teenage brothers, Bryce and Logan.

Four years ago, I became a mom in my heart by caring for kids who weren't my own. Praying for them, cooking for them, having hard conversations with them, and beginning to make the transition into the parenting world.

After Brandon and I got married, we got pregnant.

No, it was literally two weeks later. So there I was, preggo as could be, newly married, and with two teenage boys--all to find out I was having, in fact, another boy!

Good heavens.  I had no idea at that point in time how much my life would soon consist of boy humor, laughing at farts, and talking about poop.

I love it. I love being a boys mom, and I love being a wife.

However, it wasn't always this way. 

After giving birth to my son, Hylan, in April of 2013, I had a near-death traumatic experience called uterine inversion. It was terrible and life changing and not what I expected for my grand entrance a-la Mom.

Thankfully, I survived my birth and pushed through the very hard first months with a VERY colicky child who was allergic to multiple things, along with many other issues along the way.

I woke up five months into motherhood realizing I had no idea who I was, that I didn't like my life or even my child, and I was severely depressed.

I had what is called birth trauma, post partum depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I am sure you can imagine what a battle this was for me, but you can read more about it here on my blog if you'd like!

So I struggled, battled, and am still overcoming years later the depths of my unique story in becoming "mom."

So ... How did I get here? The part where I started a non-profit mother's support center?


I saw a need and wanted to be a part of meeting it.

I feel like God freely gave me the vision ... so I am running with no looking back.

There is a need for moms to know they are not alone.

A need for moms to have support other than their families.

A need for moms to also be mothered and protected.

A need for moms to tell their unique and struggling stories.

It truly has been so amazing to serve with numerous moms who are wanting to come alongside and serve other moms. 

And this my friends...

This is how The Mother's Nest was founded.  Just through a simple mom who loves the Lord and has a heart to serve other moms and let them know they are not alone in their struggles. Add to that the overwhelming supportive response of other moms in the area who have the same heart and passion.

Ultimately, I just thank God for allowing me to be a part of what I truly believe is His vision and plan to come alongside moms and love and serve them.

Being MOM is one of the hardest (dare I say the hardest) jobs in the world ... and so under-appreciated.

And at The Mother's Nest, we want YOU to know how appreciated you truly are!

Now, two years into running and developing The Mother's Nest, we are thrilled to bring into the world a sweet little girl, Reyna Jean who will bring some estrogen into our world of boy life! We are thrilled to move forward in our journey in this every growing, amazing organization that we get to be a part of! It truly is a blessing!