Tears of A Mom.- Allowing the Softening of The Heart

Written by Michelle Hill.

We cry at commercials about baby wipes.

We cry at target at the cute baby clothes, and remembering when our tiny littles fit into them.

We cry at the sight of our child playing "Pretend" with their stuffed animals in their room.

We feel.

We cry.

And then we feel some more.


I love the softening of my heart that happened when I became a mom.

I was always a bit of a softy.. but now I am a blubbering mess when it comes to all things kiddos.


Its one of my best friends daughter's 2nd birthday tomorrow.

Seeing her dance to happy birthday, as we sang to her on Tuesday night, I almost exploded.

Joyful tears.

Thankful tears.

Tears that overwhelm my heart because this sweet girl's parents were told she wasn't going to live after she was born.

And now she is two.

And beautiful.

And healthy.

And so full of love and inquisitiveness.

Be still my heart.

She is turning two.

God is SO good.

Those moments, these moments where the sheer audacity of God's grace overwhelms me, I just cant.help.it.

and today, That is what I want to voice.

The beauty in the soft heart.

The allowing of the soft heart.

The accepting of the soft heart.

I want to be a woman people can approach and know that I will sympathize with them, but also speak truth.

I want to be a woman where I am not afraid to cry when the happy birthday song touches my heart, in fear of what others would think

I want to be a mom where my children see that it's OKAY to feel emotion. To know what is 'too much' and know what is 'just enough' and just how God made us to respond.

After all.

"Jesus Wept."

God soften me in ways I have not experienced yet.

Help me to not fear the softening, and embrace it.

Thank you for all the redemption you have done in my heart,

To cast out the fear in crying,

and cast in the joy of emotion.