Give Thanks: THANK YOU to those who have made it possible.

Thanksgiving is my favorite :) 


Nothing excites me more than waking up on Thanksgiving, watching the parade, cooking food, and enjoying time being thankful with my family.


Each year I like to take time to be thankful for what transpired this past year. See the good in the bad, see the amazing in the good... you know that kind of thing.


As The Mother's Nest I truly just want to take time to affirm and thank our amazing team that has truly got The Mother's Nest off of the ground.. and into a building, all in this past year.

My heart is overwhelmed at the amount of sacrifice, dedication, service, and time this team has put into the Nest.


First, starting with our mom squad.. a solid group of about 16 mothers who don't have tons of time to give, but make it a priority to attend mom squad meetings, serve at craft shows, serve in our groups, and love on moms... all because they are committed to the vision of the Nest.

Thank you.


Second, to our board. Our Board has also served this past year as our executive staff, and our program leaders. Without them.. we dont have The Mother's Nest. Without the countless hours they have put into planning, meeting with people, filling out paperwork, hosting programs, planning events, running around and getting snacks.. this is NOT possible.

Thank you to our amazing Board who has absolutely dedicated so much time of their lives to the mission of The Mother's Nest. Thank you for believing in our goals, for processing huge decisions, and for working so hard to make this dream a reality.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

My heart is so grateful for each and everyone of these people who have served in such huge ways this past year.