A Grateful Heart: A Few Good Ideas for the month of November

So.. I am sort of obsessed with Thanksgiving.

Not so much Christmas, although my grinch-sized heart is growing now that we have 3 kids to buy presents for.


But Thanksgiving, oh the beauty.

I love a whole month focused on gratitude.

A whole day focused on family, and eating (my two favorite things),

and the lack of pressure that seems to hit me like a brick wall once Thanksgiving day is over.


So this November, I thought I would challenge us to view November as our thankful month.

A few cool and cute (and Mommy time-strained) activities would be fun to implement into your holiday traditions for Thanksgiving this year.....


A Thankful Tree

I saw this on Pinterest, and its such a cute idea! Such a fun way to teach kiddos to be grateful each and every day.. and get them excited about putting their "thanks" on the "thankful tree"

 Photo courtesy of http://www.themotherhuddle.com/the-thankful-tree/

Photo courtesy of http://www.themotherhuddle.com/the-thankful-tree/


Days of Thanks

I see this often (and I think I attempted it myself last year) to write for every day in November something that you are thankful for on facebook... BUT I HAVE A NEW PROPOSITION FOR YOU.

Say your thanks in your home.

Spend time each morning expressing what you are thankful for with your kiddos writing on a whiteboard, on your chalkboard Or even better--- On this FREE printable (put it in a photo frame and use dry erase marker to write a new thanks every day!)

 Photo Courtesy of : http://www.somewhatsimple.com/free-printable-today-thankful/

Photo Courtesy of : http://www.somewhatsimple.com/free-printable-today-thankful/


Speak It Out

This is a challenge to myself: just as much as it is to anyone else, but this month I really want to focus on telling My kiddos and hubs what I am grateful for specifically about them. 


Something I tend to do online, and to others... not so much to my actual kiddos and hubs.

So this season, I want to express what I am grateful for specifically about them.

Their laughter.

Their smile.

His activeness.

The way he holds me.

The fact that he made me "mom".