Dying To Self: The Sick Season has Begun!

Oh sickness.

Our favorite part of the holidays.


Why does it always seem to be the times you are most looking forward to, the holidays, the events, just happen to be when you kiddos get the sniffles, the flu, the lovely hand foot and mouth?


This past week my hubs, Hylan and I had the absolute blessing of traveling to Colorado to visit our dear friends. Hyles did AMAZING, was an angel baby on the flights, during the time there, and slept like a rock.

Then we came home.

He got sick immediately.

And the sleepless nights began.

The Cranky, fussy, but cuddly ensued.


And I am reminded.

Sick season.

Real life dread for mothers all around.


Last year we spent 10 trips into the Doctors office, one to the ER, and tubes in the ears because of the chronic ear infections.


No thank you.

This season I am trying to be a bit more proactive by diffusing thieves, giving colloidal silver, eating healthy, and probiotics.

But it is still upon us.


So how do we handle this season as moms?


We take in the extra cuddles.

We watch 25 episodes of Go! Diego! Go!

We take 3 baths with our kiddos in one day to keep the fevers down.

We call off work.

We cancel plans.

We hold babies all night.

Sleep with them draped over our heads because they need the comfort.


And we die to ourselves.

Because this is our job.

This is THE most important work that we could be doing.

Holding those sweet cuddly kiddos and wiping foreheads.



The reality is sickness tends to creep up on us, but ESPECIALLY our littles at the most inconvenient times.

And the reality is it is never fun.

But there are little blessings (as for-mentioned) along the way.

So this season, be my friend by loving those little moments with me.

Reminding me of those little moments when I feel like pulling my hair out if I hear one more cry.

And reminding me to rejoice in the aspect that this. too. shall. pass.