Don't Forget to Celebrate the Victories!

Wise words that my husband said to me last week.

You see, the past year of our lives has been an absolute whirlwind to say the least.

The taking off of The Mother's Nest has been one of the most exhilarating, exhausting experiences of our lives!

This entire past year I feel like my word has been "persevere"

Not necessarily In a survival way, but in a way that just means... there is so much more to come. Keep going, keep going, keep going. its worth it!


Last week we raised $12,000 at our Holiday Tea.

And I repeat, $12,000.

Blown away.

In May of this year, we held our very first fundraiser with not a single dollar in our bank account, and made $1,500... and I was blown away then.

And I am blown away now.


This past Thursday we got our keys to OUR building.

To the home of The Mother's Nest.

The same building we as a team have been praying and working towards for seven months.

One that has been a journey to say the least.

A journey of faith.

A journey of trust.

A journey of development.

A journey of fundraising.

A journey full of unmet expectations, surprises, gifts, friendship, hard work, and tons of joy along the way.


We got the keys to OUR Building.

I still cant wrap my mind around that.

The Mother's Nest owns a building!


And what did I want to do the day we got the keys?

... schedule the contractor, the electrician, the zoning... and keep persevering.

And Brandon reminded me. 

"Jenna, don't forget to celebrate the victories along the way."

Oh yes. This is a victory.

Receiving a building is a victory.

And we needed to celebrate.


So our sweet board, and those who have dedicated countless hours into getting to this point gathered last Thursday night for an impromptu pizza & champagne to toast to The building. To The Mother's Nest. To God.

We celebrated that victory.. and honestly I think this lesson is one I will tuck away in my leadership knapsack forever.

"You have to celebrate the victories."

Thankfully I have a super wise and stable husband who reminds me of these things in my brain of 1 million things and ideas.

How does this apply to you?

In what areas looking back at this year... can you truly celebrate the victories?

Did you birth a baby? TOAST to that.

Did you potty train? CHEERS!

Did you make it through the loss of an income? Hallelujah!

Did you raise your children to be another year older? you deserve an award.

My challenge:

Celebrate the victories. 

The victories of 2014. 

Don't wait until New years eve.

Start now! Reflect with your family on the ways you have excelled, achieved, and survived.

Celebrate the Victories!