Take In the Moment::: An un-organized Poem.

Shh... do you hear that?


Its the sound of a sleeping baby.

oh the glorious sound of a sleeping child.

The one where no noise is being made.

The one where 2.5 seconds later you start to miss the other sounds that engulf the day.

The sounds of laughing, words, of crying.

The sound of "mommy", even if you hear it 350 too many times that day.

The sound of "tickles" during wrestle time before bed.

The sound of home.


Help me remember, oh dear Lord.

To remember to embrace these sweet sounds.

To remember to breathe them in.. when they are actually happening

Instead of missing them after the moment has passed.

Or recalling them as a distant memory ten years from now when my little boy no longer wants my cuddles.

Help me to be in the moment this season.

To stop and appreciate the awe of the "light" on the Christmas tree with him.

To embrace the tickle sessions.

And the one hundred times he wants to jump off of the coffee table into my arms (oh not your kid... oops)

The unkempt madness of arranging the nativity scene over and over.



Help me to remember,

How quickly these moments pass.

How fast they fade away.

Help me to remember to ..