The Never Ending Change: Accepting Change as a Momma.

"You Cannot Grow Without Change"- John Maxwell

Why is Change SO hard?

Because it forces us to grow

Some change we choose ourselves: Ie. having a baby, moving, switching jobs.

And other change is thrust upon us: death of a loved one, loss of a job, serious health scare.

Regardless of how an instance of change comes upon us... it all is an opportunity for growth.

Because just like Maxwell notes, you cannot Grow without change.


Just like a flower does not bud without the change of seasons,

A momma does not grow without the change either.


What does that look like for a momma?

Well let me ask you this, if you have a kiddo or two... Look back at to the DAY you became a mom.

Whether that be through birth, foster, adoption... have you grown since then? As a person, as a woman? As a mother?

You are muttering under your breath... "thank goodness, yes."

I know, because I say the same thing.


Change in relationships, change into the role of motherhood, change, change, change.

Its so hard.

But it all forces us to grow.

Grow as mothers.

Grow as wives, if we're married.

Grow as women.




And what comes from that growth? Beauty. Absolute recognition to who GOD is. His power, his redemption, his hope.


Even if you aren't a Christian, I can promise you, you are attracted to people who grow. 
I know because you post about them on your Instagram feed.

Martin Luther King Jr. ON MLK day.

Nelson Mandela.

Rosa Parks.

Benjamin Franklin.

Not a single one of these were afraid of growth.

They were all willing to accept change, and be the promoters of it!


Now let me tell you, as a mom.. you may feel that your name may never be mentioned in a blog in memory of you, or an instagram post all about how amazing you are.

But let me tell you who WILL talk about you.

Your kids.

You are THEIR warrior.

You are THEIR advocate.

and that is BEAUTIFUL.

Fighting on behalf of them to feed them good, get them to sleep, and nurture their little preciousness into full grown well rounded humans. It's pure beauty.

Let that be enough, and let it be reason to happily accept change.

Change that may look like... the lack of a sleep routine this holiday season,

Or the switch to a new job for hubs.

But welcome it.

Because if you do, you will grow through this transition.

Doesn't mean it wont be hard.

Or that it will be smooth sailing,

because chances are it wont..


God will open up doors in your heart.

He will open doors to others.

And he will change you along the way.

And no one is watching closer to how we react to change.. that those little eyes peering into their "mommy" and her every single move.


Change is good.

It causes us to grow.

We can choose it.

Sometimes it chooses us,

But either way, 

It has molded us to who we are at this point in life,

and will continue to do so forever more,

as we cannot always choose our change.

But we can choose how we let it change us.



How will you choose to respond to change as we enter into the new Year of 2015?!