5 Tips to Focus On What Matters Most...

So… mom life is quite busy.

I often have to make myself sit still.. and TELL myself to focus on what is important.

Sometimes I forget what that even is.


A few tricks I have come to find that help me keep my focus:

1. Get UP early! 

You’re probably screaming at me right now through your i phone… but it seriously helps.

DISCLAIMOR: I am nothing close to a morning person.

However, I have found the best solution for me is to drink coffee IN MY BED while i force open my eyes to spend some time by myself (sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes an hour)before my child lovingly screams “MOMMA MOMMA MOMMA” from his crib.

2. Make Friends with people with OLDER kids

I think that when you ONLY have friends with young kids… you can tend to get very involved in frivolous things that may not necessarily matter.

For instance, when your child is a teenager, its not going to matter what type of diaper cream you used, sunscreen, or if they ate spinach mixed in their baby food every day.  (I know this because I have teenagers and no amount of natural eating while younger will prevent them from getting pop and mc donald’s with their guy friends).

Sometimes being friends with people who are a bit older than you, who have lived a bit more of life than you as parents.. can help you keep your focus on what truly matters. 

That sometimes bed times are flexed because of friends over.

Sometimes babysitters are called simply because mom needs a break.

Some days we just eat pizza for lunch and dinner because mom doesn’t feel like making dinner.

But what matters ALL days are the basics.

Stability in the Home.

Good Christ Centered Marriage.

Godliness By example.

Open Dialogue.


3. Identify YOUR family values

All around us we are consumed with comparing ourselves to everyone else’s family values.

What may be someone else’s family value… may not be yours. AND THAT IS OKAY.

This is something you and your family need to discover together.

 Let me tell you a secret about family values….

what you spend the most time doing, will Become a family value

Example 1:

In my family growing up.. my dad worked, a lot. This instilled the value of work in us.

Example 2:

In my husband’s family, growing up.. grades were very important. This instilled the value of education.

Example 3:

In my friend’s family, she makes absolutely everything by hand, and with natural ingredients. This instills the value of natural and homemade goods.

Example 4:

In our family, we have vulnerable and sometimes deep conversations with our teenage boys on Sunday Nights. This instills the value of regular family time.


These are just some examples of helping you identify what your family values are. None of these are necessarily bad by any means, but they are all things that are spent a great deal of time communicating to our families of what we value in life.

What are you family values?


4. Schedule your weeks

So I am not the MOST organized person in the entire world.. but starting a business, working part time on top of that, and having three kids and a household to run have forced me to be a bit more proactive than I typically would be.

The biggest thing I do to stay some what organized is PLAN MY WEEK:

  • On Sundays I sit down, make meal plans, grocery lists.. and get whatever “prep” i can get done for the week
  • I also tell my husband what our schedule looks like (does anyone have it the other way around? hahaha.) #wifehasthemasterschedule
  • Any Events or things as such I put it on the family wall calendar
  • I plan all my babysitting needs for the week and make sure every slot is covered.


5. Have GRACE on yourself.

“my grace is sufficient for you, my power is made perfect in weakness”  2 Corinthians 12:9

That’s a promise from Jesus I repeat to myself daily.

In all times, no matter the situation, day, hour….

I need God’s Grace.


Extend yourself grace when scheduling conflicts arise.

Extend yourself grace when you just need to nap instead of get things done.

Extend yourself grace when you just want to watch a movie with your child and eat mac n cheese on the couch

Extend yourself grace.

After all, you have the hardest job in the world.


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