Investing Into A Future Unknown.


The word itself used to make me nauseas.

However, I am not talking about the typical investments in our culture.

I am talking about kingdom investments.

I have been dwelling on this a lot.

The Bible promises, "you reap what you sow"..

I think it is easy to SAY that promise out loud.

But it's a whole other ball game when it comes to doing it.

It's usually not easy to SOW into something you can't see results in.

Sow into the future.. when the timing is hard.

Sow into others when they don't seem to care.

Sow into your children when you're not sure if they even understand you.


Ones that we may not ever understand.

Ones we may not even see the benefits from tangibly.

Ones that may not make sense at the time.

Ones that require a lot of faith.

I am talking about the daily actions of our lives.

What are we doing every day to invest into the kingdom of God here on earth?

Well, If you are a mom, you are investing in your children.. helping them know the Mother heart of God by cuddling them tonight.

As you teach your kids about budgets at a young age, you are teaching them about stewardship and everything belonging to God first.

As you live in the ghetto to reach the people in your community, you are investing into generations beyond you to do things "differently" than previous generations may have done.

As you invest your spare time praying for young moms, friends, and your children, you are investing into a spiritual realm I don't think we can even fully understand this side of heaven.

As you volunteer your time to help at The Mother's Nest, serving alongside others, and giving your talents because you believe in this vision... you are investing into a cultural change to which we value and serve mothers.


Your time

Your money

Your giftings

Your talents

Your ideas

are all being invested


The days where I am unbelievably overwhelmed with the amount of work ahead of me, I remember each and every phone call, facebook message, thank you note, decoration made, is an investment into the future.

Into the future of moms in the Akron Area.

Into the future of their children.

Into a culture where we value mommy.

Into a church where we answer the Titus call to teach younger moms and wives Godly ways.

What are you investing in?

Are you interested in investing into something bigger than yourself?

Do you have talents you aren't sure what to do with?

Do you have a desire to make meals for someone, teach a lesson, play with young mom's children, or give financially?

Consider Joining our team. The Mother's Nest needs you!

we desire to have people who are willing to invest into a future of

whole and healthy mothers,

and in turn, whole and healthy children.