Trusting your Mom Instincts

We as moms, have to constantly bring ourselves back to the grand scheme of things.

Our minds are so easily consumed with the pinterest and instagram world of selfies making homemade crafts, laundry detergent, soap, and clothes.. 

and the comparison, the stress, and information overload can be overwhelming!

One of the things that I love about The Mother's Nest is that we are all about helping YOU become the type of mom that YOU WERE MADE TO BE.

not the type of mom that your mom says you should be.


the type of mom that society says you should be.

My son has chronic allergies (food, seasonal, clothing, the list goes on) and due to that, and many other reasons, he has had 4 ear infections. 4 being the lucky number, because now we are making the appointment to have tubes put in his ears.

And if I am being honest, I was completely fine (and even happy) about doing this because it is so hard to keep the infections away!

All until.. I had multiple people mention to me that there are other forms of getting rid of ear infections, and that I could avoid getting tubes in his ears all together by taking more natural routes.

Which is true, and so good, and so useful...

and for a moment, i felt guilty because I don't even want to TRY the natural menthods.

 I was just like "hi! put my child under, and put tubes in his ears so we can all stop being miserable and sleep again."

Valid thoughts, I know.

But even in the midst of helping other moms become the best mom they can be,

I still am finding what it means for me to be the best mom that I was made to be.

I am still finding my balance.

I value things that are the natural approach.

But there are other things that I just do not value as highly.

And that is okay!

So this morning, as I sat on the porch sipping on my sanity (and by that I mean, coffee). 

I remembered that thing people tell you about.

"Your mom instinct."

My mom instinct told me that Hylan was allergic to Cow's dairy, and A LOT of other things.

My mom instinct has told me that one of my teenagers was in trouble.

My mom instinct told me that my son has had an ear infection.

And my mom instinct tells me to put tubes in my sweet little boys ears.

We will all struggle with "trusting our instincts" over what our media says is "right" or most natural, or best for your child, or vice versa. But sometimes, you just know.

This is all to say, trust your instincts momma.

In the grand scheme of life with your child what type of diapers, medicine, sleep training, and television watched doesn't matter as much as we think it does.

What matters is that you are trying the BEST that you can.

That you aren't letting mom guilt consume you.

That you are trusting your instincts and taking care of your baby.

And that you are taking care of yourself.