The Mother's Nest: Where we started


Jenna Brown

Something I have been processing a lot lately.. is WHY we as moms are so desperate to push ourselves to fit into a category.

Natural Mom.

Cloth Diapering Mom.

Formula Feeding Mom.

Breastfeeding Mom.

Co-Sleeping Mom.

Handmade Mom.

Working Mom.

Stay at Home Mom.

... and the list goes on.


The Moment we become "Mom"... Whether through birth, adoption, guardianship...

We are in desperate want to "re-discover" ourselves again.

No longer does the world revolve around us.

Our entire world now revolves around, nap times, feeding times, teething, schedules, diaper changes....

And it's hard.


Places we fit in before, we might not fit in now.

We choose family time over friend time.

True friends seem few and far between.

Days start to revolve around the beauty of bed time...

and what you can accomplish during nap times.

And we can easily lose ourselves in the shuffle.


So of course, we desire to fit in. It's Human Nature to seek community. We seek to find something we are passionate about..and it's only natural to find a group of moms that fit your style of parenting.

But can I propose that we do something that is unnatural?

Joining a group of mothers that the thing they have in common... is just being moms?

Moms of all of different races, types, social standings, work statuses, hobbies, and convictions?

That's what we are about at The Mother's Nest.

Steering away from Finding our Identity's in the TYPES of mother's that we are... and grasping the mere fact that WE ARE Mothers, and that that gift ONLY comes from our Heavenly Father, whom our identity TRULY is in.


What a sigh of relief.

We no longer have to preform.

No longer have to wear "presentable" clothes and makeup everywhere we go.

No longer have to pretend that motherhood is absolutely blissful at all times.

No longer have to be anywhere other than where we are at on this incredibly beautiful and hard journey.


A place where we stick together.

We open our arms to one another.

We cry.

We laugh.

and we simply be.


This is The Mother's Nest.

Our heart is to find our true identity in our maker.

& Along the way, become whole, purposeful, and healthy mothers who

Embrace our vulnerability, our strengths, and our weaknesses, knowing that we are broken.

But loving the example that we show our children by living in TRUE authentic community with one another.

I hope you join us.

I hope you know that NO MATTER who you are, where you come from, or your style of mothering...

that we want you to be our friend.