The Softening of The Heart...

Something profound happens when a woman becomes a mother...

Our hearts soften.

We cry more.

We laugh more.

We know our own weakness more.


It is TRULY a beautiful thing.

The transition of emotions in becoming a mom.


Yes, some of it may have to do with hormones,

But I like to think it's God's doing.

Simply because it's astoundingly beautiful to me.


How gracious a mother's heart is.

How infinite the love can be for their children.

How much joy can encapsulate a mother when she hears her child's laugh.


Last night, my husband and I watched the movie Pearl Harbor.

Okay, laugh all you want, but Josh Hartnet was my pretend Boyfriend back in the day.


Last night, however, as I watched this movie for the first time in YEARS, I no longer cried at the thought Evelyn (the main girl) losing her boyfriend (Josh Hartnet)... 


I cried at the emotion of her losing the father to her child.

Her child, being fatherless.

and how that affects her as a mother.


Okay, okay, Calm down, I know.. it's a movie.

I laughed at myself, and then..

I couldn't help but think...


Why do our hearts absolutely crumble when we hear of mother's losing their children?

Children in the foster care system?

Mother's dying in childbirth?

Children dying at a young age?


Our hearts are stirred by that which we love.

And mommas, we love our babies.


Our hearts physically could explode at moments with the love we have for these puking, pooping, disobeying machines.

And that is SO beautiful.


Motherhood is so complex, so gorgeous in it's pure messy example of abandoned love for our little ones.


The softening of our hearts.

The softening of our souls.

The softening of our lives.


To know that we no longer have it all together.

No, the world actually is not in our hands.

That we have very little control,

and that we are messy human beings.


So, today.. as you may be struggling to start the week off on a good foot.

Grouchy as you are home alone with your screaming kiddos on a cloudy day.

Moody as to why your husband left in the scuff he did for work this morning...


Remember to keep your heart soft.

It's a beautiful, beautiful thing.. to be soft.

Yes, it's scary, vulnerable and fully open,

But it's beautiful all the same.