Filtering Through Voices in Motherhood

This week, at our Becoming "MOM" night at The Mother's Nest, I was able to teach on how to filter through all the millions of voices (opinions, beliefs, etc.) that we are faced with in motherhood...

What is a voice?

-Your voice essentially is a mixture of your mom "gut", intuition, conscience, standards and beliefs as a mother.

In Motherhood Voices come from a plethora of places...

-Church/ Religion, Social Media, Mothers, Culture, Family, Friends, Books, TV, Work, Hospitals, Pediatricians

Some examples of things that Mother's always tend to have opinions on?

-Breastfeeding, Cloth Diapering, Baby Wearing, Sleep Training, Vaccinations, Parenting Styles, Natural vs. Non Natural, Working Mom Vs. Stay @ Home Mom...

All of these things are GREAT. But in a world of "Mommy Shaming" and Mommy Wars, it is so hard to take this world of information in.. and find what suits YOUR voice, your family, and your style of parenting best.


How do we filter through the voices?

and choose what is best for our families?

1. Be practical

2. Know your limits

3. Speak with your Significant Other

4. Know your Family Values

5. Know your Budget

6. Know your specific CHILD

... and then... THROW AWAY THE NONSENSE.

Some advice:

Find a group of moms, women, who essentially value parenting similar to you... or AT LEAST are non judgmental to the way you do things. AND STICK WITH THEM. Ask them for advice, instead of reading 20 books on a parenting style that isn't practical for you. 

"Too many people undervalue what they are, and overvalue what they are not."

"Don't compare your chapter 1, to someone else's 20!"