Hi. I am a mom... and I am tired.


Hi. I am a mom... and I am lonely.

Hi. I am a mom.. and I am filled with anxiety.

Hi. I am a mom... and I am sick of making dinner for picky eaters.



Dear moms,

I just have to say.

That being a GOOD ... no scratch that..



Means taking care of yourself too.


You spend your ins and outs of days taking care of the family,

washing clothes, making dinners, cleaning up the mess, spending time with your husband...

and very very rarely do you spend time taking care of yourself.


Well.. because your busy.

But also.. you probably don't know what that even looks like to make it a priority.

Or maybe feel guilty when you do.

Like it makes you weak?

Oh no momma, it makes you STRONG.


For me... it varies.

Reading a book (seldom)

Taking a nap (glorious)

Taking a bath (even more seldom)


But really.. how I tend to do this.. is just after Hylan goes to sleep.. I lovingly leave the house a mess.. go lay on my bed, shut the door, and watch some dumb television show (like pretty little liars, or switched at birth.. dont judge) to just shut off my brain. Its amazing... and it helps.

Taking care of myself in other ways often times means arranging child care so I can spend some alone time with me myself and I... or meeting for coffee with a girlfriend, or my mentor.

... I think I would drown without this...


At The Mother's Nest, we truly believe that it is impossible to take care of your children well.. if you are not also being taken care of!

You need to be nurtured too.

We want to nurture you.

But we also want you to learn to nurture yourself.

Feed your inner self.

Take time to process your life.

To cry.

To laugh.

To watch a dumb TV show.

To spend time with your creator.


This is important.


Because too many moms, after their kids are grown... are lost.

Lost in wondering who they are,

who they have become,

what they even LIKE to do anymore.



This CAN be avoided!

If we take time to ourselves now.


And all you nay-sayers out there yelling at me in your head telling me you don't have time.. shut it.

you do have time!... you just have to learn to RE-DISTRIBUTE your time.

Move some things around.

Take advantage of nap time to take a relaxing calm shower with music playing in the background.. instead of clean.

Let the house go for a day

and DONT feel guilty about it!

Grab dinner with a friend and have the hubs watch the kids.

Its possible... I promise!


Here at The Mother's Nest, we want to make this a possibility for you. To feed yourself. 

... and not just with food

(although we will have that as well)

To figure out what makes you THRIVE as a mother. To help you along the way, and just live life with you in the process.


We cannot wait to be able to open our doors to amazing childcare with AMAZING relaxation available for mothers. Groups of women who are loving, kind, and you can just laugh with. 


Get ready mommas... 


and in the meantime,

Learn how to take care of YOU too, and to be okay with it!