A Letter For Every New Mom...

My Daughter,

Remember that I have you.

I am holding you right now in the palm of my hand.

Sweet girl, remember that you were my baby first.

Oh my girl, I see that you are scared.

I see that you are confused.

I see that you are broken.

The voices.

The trials.

The tears.

But the fear,

the undeniable unknown,

is all a part of this journey we are on together.

A new realization.

To Rely on me,

Rely on Truth,

Rely on YOUR father.

Oh my sweet girl, how I love your heart.

Your heart to do this so well.

To love this child with all of your might.

That fierce, fierce love..

That, you get from me.

In those dark moments my sweet girl,

When you feel lost, and oh so alone.

Remember that I am first your parent.

You can learn how to parent best from me.

Not a blog.

Not a facebook group.

From me.

I created your sweet child, in your womb.

I created YOU in your mother's womb.

I know your deep and inmost being.

Let me guide you.

Be my image sweet girl.

Lay down your life for this sweet child.

lay down the idea that you have it all together.

be vulnerable, real, and touchable.

Do it with grace.

Do it with love.

Do it with undeniable fervor.

And, know that every step of the way.

You are mine.

I am yours.


And this sweet baby in your hands,

was in my hands first.

I trust you.

I love you.

I gave this baby to you.

You CAN do this.

Jenna BrownComment