Celebrating the small victories in motherhood

In motherhood, victories can seem very, very small.

"Today I got both my kids bathed, fed, and out of the door by 9am"

"Tonight my child went to sleep without screaming for 2 hours"

"My child let me change his diaper without playing in his poop"

"I went through the whole day without crying"

"My children are alive at the end of the day"

"I made dinner"

"I cleaned the bathroom, AND did a load of laundry"

"I only let the kids watch one half hour of TV today"

All examples of small victories that we typically measure in our day to day assessment of "how we are doing as moms"....

"I apologized to my child for yelling at him today"

"I cried as I held my baby and rocked him to sleep tonight, realizing how fast he is growing"

"I had a moment of true grace on myself"

"I chose my son over my own desires today"

All examples of what I like to call, meaningful victories... ones we tend to forget in our day to day evaluation and scrutiny of ourselves.

None of these victories are bad.

Either big or small, they are still accomplishing something.

which we all know, with children, is a feat in itself.

But my heart, is to cherish those moments.

The moments of vulnerability and grace,
The ones where we see our true humanity,

and the ones where we communicate that very humanity to our children.

In a world of instagram, pinterest, and facebook news feed... it's hard to be vulnerable.

Its easy to put on a show.

Easy to celebrate the milestones, accomplishments, and homemade crafts.

Not so easy to celebrate the pjs until 4PM days.

The days you forget to eat until 8 oclock.

The days, you cry because you are just so freaking exhausted.

But momma,

those deserve to be celebrated too.

Because NO MATTER how much you DID or DIDN'T get done today...

how many times you yelled at your littles...

how many times you wanted to bang your head into the wall with each tantrum thrown..

you were still mom.

You made your kid lunch.

You made sure they survived through the day.

You hugged and kissed boo boos.

You gave bottles, and rocked to sleep.

You gave reassuring laughs and giggles at their funny stories and songs.

You were a mom today.

You are a mom everyday.

and that is a victory.

you deserve to be celebrated.

So heres to celebrating the small victories.

which no longer look like things checked off of a list...

but the slow transformation in our hearts through loving our children and failing and thriving along the way.