Life But A Breath: A Poem

Life But A Breath

If only we could see

the reality

the real story

the one behind the scenes


The one of our savior fighting

constantly for you and me.


Our hearts wouldn't be as sad,

we would contradictorily be filled with hope,

we would count our joys in suffering 

and only in Christ would boast.


My job here is not finished

It's only complete in him

The one who died and rescued me

and saved me from my sins


I am no longer lost

In him alone, I am found.

The truth has set my heart free

In him my life resounds.


Come join me in the call to hope

The call for freedom from fear.

The call to take up our cross

and to know the Lord is near.


Our lives are but a breath on earth,

Heaven is our home.

And when my heart cant take anymore,

My hope is in Christ, alone.


To see the children dying,

starving for your grace.

I remember that nothing is "deserved"

and they are looking in your face.

Your truth has saved them from their death

even on earth as it ends.

If we could gain perspective

Lord, your heart could you lend?


We can see the truth and rejoice

That Christ's name is being spread

The reality of the world, is that we are all the walking dead.


Life is not meant to be satisfactory,

or even obsolete

Its meant to be lived to the full,  

for it is in suffering we are complete.



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