What’s so (P)interesting About That!?

A Post from one of our mom squaders- Lisa Roberston...


What’s so (P)interesting About That!?

Ah! Social Media.

We all have a love/hate relationship with it don’t we?

You know what I mean…we love to connect with friends and family who may or may not be long distance. We love to keep up with others and what is going on in their lives. We love to share what is going on in ours. We love to find new DIY ideas, easy/quick recipes, and nursery or party theme ideas!

But…when is it all too much?

When does the “keeping up” with others become actually keeping up with others.

When do we start comparing ourselves, our spouses, our children, our lives to that of what we see on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,  BuzzFeed, blogs…and the list goes on?

Here are some articles I see as I look over my News Feed just today, and what I think when I see them:

18 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Has To Be

·         Do I even want to know what these are? Life is hard as it is, do I need to know there are things I’m doing to make it even harder?

20 Reasons To Keep Coconut Oil In Your Bathroom

·         I hardly have time to shower regularly…let alone find 20 new things I need to be doing with coconut oil while squeezing in my shower. I really don’t want to know what I’m missing out on by not doing a deep conditioning treatment on my hair with coconut oil every 10 washes. I’m lucky if I get 10 washes in 6 weeks!

Something Fun to Try With Kids

·         Great…another cool craft that moms are making time for that I DON’T have time for!

How Crazy Are You?

·         Seriously? I don’t even want to know…I already know I’m crazy. I became crazier once my daughter was born. And the guy at Quail Hollow on Friday watching me and Avery have a dance off in the gazebo probably thinks I’m even crazier than this stupid Buzz Feed quiz can tell me!!

You can probably relate to some (or maybe even all) of my thoughts to the above articles.

We all do this, don’t we? It’s almost become habit at any spare moment…we log onto one of these social media platforms and are bombarded with pictures and articles that make us think we are less of a mom or less of a woman than we should be.

Pictures of “just-so” homes, gorgeous get-away vacations, our friends’ posts about how wonderful their day was, an amazingly delicious meal someone made, a perfectly-posed family photo…and we sit there and think our life seems a little blah in comparison.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we sit and compare ourselves to others? Why do we do this when we know that others are simply sharing their highlight reel…and not many share their day-to-day cringe-worthy moments.

You rarely see someone share a post along the lines of…

My ceiling is leaking yet again because of the rain, my husband has been putting in 70-80 work weeks so we don’t have time for a vacation, and we had cereal for dinner last night. – feeling blessed.

(All of which is true about my life at this moment, except the cereal for dinner part….we had hot dogs.)

Wouldn’t a posting such as that almost make you feel more normal!?

We, as moms, as WOMEN…need to stop comparing! If we were all the same, if our lives were completely perfect (and what is perfect, anyways!?)…what would be so interesting about that?


To quote a devotional by Rick Warren,

The Bible says satisfaction comes from doing your best, not comparing yourself to others: “Let everyone be sure to do his very best, for then he will have the personal satisfaction of work done well and won’t need to compare himself with someone else” (Galatians 6:4 LB).

When you strive to be the person God made you to be, you’ll find real meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and satisfaction. You can’t focus on your purpose while looking at other people.”

So today, ladies…moms, I encourage you to stop comparing! Log off of the social media platform that is your vice…whatever it takes. Just find your purpose, meaning, fulfillment, and satisfaction in what God has made you to be.