So the Kids are back in school....

For the momma's who have littles (or bigs, like me) headed back to school this week..

Im sure there are many mixed emotions.

Mine tend to be relief

(you will understand once you have teenage boys, and your grocery bill triples in the summer and your house is NEVER clean w/ boys and toddlers.)


Others tend to be sadness at the passing of time, the ending of summer, the beginning of routine.


One thing I personally love about the changing of the seasons,

the start of new routine...

is the new opportunity.

For moms... the night before school starts is the equivalent to New Year's Eve.


Anxiousness about the coming year, the teachers, the friends they'll make, the business.

Excitement to see your kids grow, learn more, gain more of their character, and shine.


Its a new season.

For us it is the start of a new time.

Some more alone time for ourselves,

amazement at how we got through the summer without it,

all the while missing them while they are gone.


Lets do something,

Let's be intentional.


What are your goals for this school year?

What would you like to do differently with your time at home, than you did last year?

What would you like to stay the same?


How can you structure your day to your personality, your needs, your job, your home... all glorifying God?


These are all questions I ask myself, and even though I only have one going back to school on Thursday, I still see the new season coming in.

The falling of the leaves that gave us shade this summer.

The crisp air that breathes comfort and stability for me.

The relaxation with a hot cup of apple cider.

The comfort of JEANS and a T-Shirt.


Grateful for this new season, and all that it brings.


This fall at The Mother's Nest we are full go with the programming we dreamt of.

Currently we are hosting it out of homes, in a very organic way.

Which at the moment, I am completely fine with.

God has given us everything we need.

And for this, I am so grateful.

We are so grateful.


We will also continue to host fundraisers and events all fall to gain support financially to operate out of our building.


Join us, as we embark on our new season at The Mother's Nest.

One of being intentional with those around us.

Learning each other's TRUE struggles and triumphs in motherhood.

Sitting, laughing, crying, and just BEING ourselves with.

I urge you to add us to your "list" of goals. Of ways to get involved with other mother's this fall who truly care about you. Who want to take a time-out with you. Who want to bless you!

Check Out our Fall Programming Here!