End The Battle: Working VS. Stay-at-Home Mom

Im over the wars.

It's seriously pointless, and been around since the beginning of time.


When my mother was a young mom, the pressure was a bit different than that of today... the pressure for her at least, was to be a working mom.

She grew up in a single parent home where her mother worked her BUTT off as a nurse to provide for her three children.

My mom, coming from that background so desperately wanted to stay with her children at home, and that is truly how she was made.

Which is great, and I am so proud of her for being the mom she was made to be amidst the pressure to be different.

Back in her time there was pressure to be the "mom that could do it all" "work AND stay at home! "

She was made to be a stay at home mom. She was GREAT at doing that.


Today's pressures are a bit different I think when it comes to mothering in the good ol' land of the free.

With all the new rage of natural parenting, attachment parents, and crunchy mommas on the rise, (no hating :) I love my crunchy mommas!), the pressure tends to air more on the side of being a stay at home mother.

Something I truly value about The Mother's Nest is the differences between all the moms that are involved! Some are working full time office jobs, some are in full time ministry, some are doula's and run their own businesses, some watch children from their home, and a lot are stay at home moms! 

It is such a blessing to see mom's embrace the freedom to be the "type of mom" that they are.

To have their own unique flavor of parenting.. and that flavor does NOT separate them.

That is what The Nest is all about.

the ONLY factor that holds us all together, is the fact that we are moms in the first place!


I actually, was NOT made to be a stay at home mom. This I found out VERY quickly. 

I was told the other day "I don't know how you do it! Work and be a mother!" and all I said was, " I don't know how you do it! Stay at home with your children.. that takes such a special person, and I just am not wired that way, I go crazy after one day of being home with my child alone!"

For awhile, I thought I was a bad mom because I LOVED going to work the first day I went back, and all the days thereafter. Sure I missed my boy, but I felt like I was SO much more intentional with him when I got home in the evening!

To be Honest... Having a to do list and crossing things off of it, pretty much gives me a high. Ha!

Working in ministry, meeting with people one on one, administering, attending and running meetings gives me SO. MUCH. LIFE.

And that is just how I am wired!

I wonder what would happen if each and every mom out there embraced others to allow them freedom in the type or "style" of mom that they are meant to be.

The Blogging Mom.

The Natural Mom.
The Cloth Diapering Mom.

The Working Mom.

I'm over the labels.

Guess what. We are all moms.

and whether you are working AT HOME as a mom... or working AWAY from home, as a mom.... that is just it. YOU ARE WORKING. you are working at raising children. You are doing a job not everyone is called to do! You are doing a job that is literally the most important thing I think you can do on this side of heaven! Raising the next generation... and doing it well!


Let's remember today that our children are looking at us with peering eyes. 

They watch how we live.

They watch how we love others.

But, THEY ALSO watch how we love ourselves.

And in a world where children and teens are surrounded with images, unrealistic expectations and "aptitude tests" all influencing them to dislike themselves.

Let us be the image that shows them how UNIQUELY we were made, and that we truly love ourselves.


So, Stay at home vs. Working mom... all the same.

Whatever gives YOU LIFE, whatever is best for YOUR family, and whatever make you be a better more intentional loving of yourself, and loving of others mom... then DO it, and do it proudly.. because no one else could fill the role of your kids' mom, the way that you do!