Into The Looking Glass...

Lately I have been thinking about the way we see things.

How we gain our perspective on life.. where it comes from... and how do we change it.


Our Lens in which we see the world,

is determined by our perspective of the world.


I've been Thinking about the way I see the Bible.

The way I see our world.

The way I see myself.


Perspective is pretty much one of my favorite words.

Not just because I sound really smart when I say it... ha.

But truly because it is one of the greatest gifts I think you can gain in this life.


Perspective (n):

a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

synonyms:outlookviewviewpointpoint of viewPOVstandpointposition,standstanceangleslantattitude, frame of mind, frame of reference,approach, way of looking, interpretation More


Our perspective is determined upon what we see in the current.

What we have seen in the past.

What we have been through in our journey.

What we notice along the way.

What we have learnt throughout the years.


For me, my perspective has been shape-shifted and radically changed over the past five years:

  • Traveling to the different countries I have, I have been given the gift of perspective in some aspects when it comes to a "whole world view", the way that I see God working in and through each country, and the true gift of joy that is extremely evident in other cultures humbles me to no end.
  • Becoming a mother through my traumatic birth experience, along with the possibility of death, I have gained the perspective truly that life is short, and we are never guaranteed a tomorrow. Your body can fail you, and you are not guaranteed anything this side of heaven. Life is too short is not just a cutesy saying to pin on my wall.. but a truth that has been like a dagger to my heart and innocence. Live your life. Make it matter.
  • Being a mother figure to two teenage boys who aren't my own, I have gained the perspective to see beyond the little decisions in parenting.. and focus of the BIG things that matter. Stability, Good Marriage, and A Relationship with God I have learnt are the biggest things we can offer our children.. the rest doesn't matter as much as we think it does.


We each have our own experiences that shape our perspective on the world.

These experiences form our thoughts, opinions, and beliefs.

They shape who WE are, and what we stand for as a family.


I really like perspective.

I love gaining more of it.


I like to set myself up to be in situations where I can continually gain perspective.

How can we gain more perspective? See through another's looking glass?

Hang out with older people.

Hang out with wise people.

Be around people who are DIFFERENT than you.

Read the world news.

Read a fantasy book.

Watch a war movie.

Travel the world 

Hang out with other moms and hear their  REAL story.



What has shaped your view of this world?

Where do you gain your perspective from?