Dear Friends, I have a Heart Issue...

This week we had our monthly "Mom Squad Meeting" . I LOVE these meetings as it is just such a great time to meet with mommas, without out kiddos in our faces, we EAT DINNER in peace, and just have a great time together planning and prepping for The Mother's Nest.

This month we all sat around my mother's living room.... while the children played next door at my house with babysitters. (yes I live two doors down from my parents... ha)


As we sit there, I am reminded to tell them of all that is happening.

All that we have planned for this fall's programming.

All the upcoming outreach and fundraising events.

All of the finances we plan to raise.


The finances.

It has been quite a journey learning about money in this process of fundraising to get a building to host The Mother's Nest, as well as six months operating costs.

It has been quite a journey understanding my own reliance on the security of money.

It has been quite a journey learning about people, the ones who surprise you and support what you do, & the ones who don't.

quite the journey.


And to be honest, I am so grateful for it.


If we would have been handed $30,000 up front..

without working our tails off at garage sales, brunch events, support letters sent, and numerous facebook posts...

I don't think I truly would have had to confront my heart issue.

Our Heart Issue.

We, as a society, hate asking people for help.

We absolutely hate it.

As Mother's we hate saying that we are struggling....

.. and when it comes to money help.. DON'T EVEN GO THERE!


Why is that?

We look at "asking for help" as a sign of weakness.


I see it in the eyes of the mom I tell my story of Post partum depression to and PTSD. The almost scared face of "oh my goodness, did she just say that out loud?".

I see it in the heart of myself as I dread to ask my own parents to support the non profit their daughter has poured her heart and soul into.

The fear of weakness.

The odd vulnerability presented when one asks for help.


And then.. God is like, "hey Jenna, go ask the entire world for help.. and while your at it, ask your family, friends, and everyone you know to help you in this mission to support mothers."


That's fun.


So here's my heart issue. 

I like having it together.

I like checking things off my checklist.

Having enough money to make the monthly budget work.

Going to work on Mondays to my steady job.

I like the security of these things.


But God has called me out of that.

He's called me to lead this organization to serve and love moms in the Akron area.

here we go!...


Next Monday is my last day at my "secure" job.

I start fully devoted to The Mother's Nest the following Monday.

I no longer have a guaranteed pay check.


I no longer have the quiet security of living my life to myself...

for my family alone...

with no other obligations to the world.


My JOB .. my PASSION... my HEART.. is to pour out Jesus' love on the mother's of Akron.

Something SO much bigger than anything I could EVER dream to do myself.. has happened at The Mother's Nest!


We don't even have a building yet.. and we have over 40 moms involved in one way or another throughout our programming & leadership.


All together we are mothers to 55 kids...



So many lives that are being impacted right now (before we even have our building)!

So much to thank God for.

So much to ask him for.

So much to ask YOU for.


Would you consider getting involved with The Mother's Nest?



We are asking and believing for monthly donors to come alongside us at The Mother's Nest.

Our monthly budget is  $5,490 to operate (including our mortgage, my salary, all programming, and overhead costs.)

Currently we have $200.00 of committed monthly donations.

A start!

But we would love to see that number reach to $5,000.

Will you consider partnering with us financially as a monthly donor?

$25, $50, or $100 per month can run and provide for an entire program and childcare!

To become a monthly donor click here!



** As a monthly donor we consider you part of our team! We are so aware that none of this could happen without your prayers and support both financially and in other ways! You will be sent quarterly newsletters that are sent to our support team, you will be send bi-weekly emails on the happenings and ways you can get involved, and most importantly you will be directly influencing and changing the lives of mothers in the Akron Area! WE ARE SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU And your consideration to get involved in this way!