Why Moms Like-- no, no... LOVE Target.

Every week. I go to Target.

Its almost like  a right of passage into my weekend.

I am not alone. I know.. because every single time I go, I see at least 10 moms there handling their screaming toddlers just like I do.

I personally Love the feeling I get when I enter into Target, purchase a coffee drink from starbucks, and wheel my cart around while my child jumps in and out like a hooligan. Because I never feel guilty that he's running around the isles playing hide and seek, and pulling things off shelves.. why? Because its Target.

I think I am officially the Target lady in the Black Friday Ads.

This is her.



So I asked... You answered....

listen to why moms like to go to Target :)


"Everything I need is in one place, so I don't have to go to 10 different stores"

"I swear they pump crack and oxygen through their stores!!! If you can figure out that answer let me know! I get those giddy excitement butterflies at the thought of going there...and ps not a huge fan of 75% of their clothes for me!"

"Because it is classy enough to feel like you're shopping ritzy and trashy enough to not feel bad when your kid takes his pants off and rolls around on the ground demanding candy."

"Starbucks is there too and you can use your Redcard for even better savings to an addiction "


It's one of the few places open early when you just HAVE to get out of the house (before the library, zoo, etc. opens)! Plus there's plenty for me to browse but also keep my little guy entertained as well. Oh and Starbucks of course!!!"

"heir home decor is similarly priced to Walmart however target sells chevron coffee tables and Walmart sells duck dynasty lamps. You do the math hahaha"

"I feel like when I go there I can relax. The atmosphere is calm and they seemed to be geared around my family and needs. I always find good stuff."

"Clearance! I walk the perimeter looking for those red stickers... Then check the Cartwheel app. Then use my Red Card. And I feel so much less guilty because at least I saved a few cents buying stuff I didn't need in the first place!"

"I LOVE Target. They are clean, organized, good quality, good prices, nice atmosphere, CUTE things, friendly staff, and Starbucks. What more could I ask for in a shopping experience?"

"Starbucks! And fresh popcorn for the kids! And the store doesn't seem overly big and overwhelming. Also I like the crowd better! And it has everything I need!! Or want"

"Let's talk from marketing design brain. Aesthetic is really why people like target (at least a big part of why I do) Bright. Organized. Design visuals have bright colors. Pos and photography is well done. Makes you feel organized and efficient. As a mom I want my trip to be an experience bc I am getting out of the house. Target knows that. They are on to us. We are their demographic."

"Because its pretty, clutter free, organized, and a place to go early in the morning"


So.. I cant decide if my conclusion for this is for a laugh for moms.. and a unity among us saying " i get it, i LOVE Target too.".

OR if it truly is just for our men.

For them to FINALLY understand WHY we LOVE to go to Target in our spare time, and why it is our joy to spend money we do not have.  And on top of that, solve the mystery as to how a run in for diapers turned into $160 worth of things we didn't need... and forgotten diapers in the end.