Q & A : About The Mother's Nest!

Recently I have had a few conversations with some AMAZING momma's with them asking some great questions about The Mother's Nest...

So I thought I would make a bit of a FAQ post to answer questions you may have had as well!

 Photo Courtesy of flickr.com

Photo Courtesy of flickr.com

Q: Is The Mother's Nest Christian Based?

A: I (Jenna) along with many of our volunteers (not all) am a Christian, yes. I typically am the one writing the blogs, therefore from my personal view, which is Christian.  HOWEVER, WE as THE MOTHERS NEST, are NOT a religious organization. Meaning you will never come to a group get together, and we will force God on you in any way.

What we hold in common at The Mother's Nest, is that we are all MOMS. We all come from different backgrounds religiously, some are married, some are not, some are working moms, and some are stay at home moms, etc. We are not divided in any aspect according to race, religion, relationship status, hobbies, beliefs, feeding styles, parenting styles... etc.

I personally get my hope from Christ, as I am a Christian, and I would be lying if I said there were any other reason why I have the heart to bless and serve moms, except that he did the same for me... BUT this will never be enforced upon you at The Nest... YOU ARE WELCOME no matter what you believe, or where you are coming from in your story!


Q: Where do you operate out of?

A: Currently we are operating all of our programs out of different places! Mommy & Me Play is at my (Jenna's House), Becoming Mom at a different house, and Toddler & up at a different house as well! We operate out of our homes to one, show REAL life to mommas... and we are awaiting the move IN into our building here, hopefully very soon!


Q: Do you guys give/ receive donations of material things? things, like baby formula, diapers, etc?

A: We do, if we have them! We get a lot of donations, and LOVE to give things away, as well as ask for them in our community if you have a need! We are here to support you, so keep us informed if you have needs, and we will try to help (although it is not guaranteed)!


Q: Do you need help?

A: This is a great question! As of this moment, we have about all the childcare that we need covered (volunteer), and many of our volunteer team and leadership team has been established at this point.. HOWEVER we are ALWAYS willing to include new people in this aspect! Get ahold of me, if you are interested in anything specific, have ideas, or are just a helping hand or resource!


Q: Can't you just operate out of a church basement or something until you get the building?

A: Nope! We are super passionate about REAL moms.. meaning we will HOST YOU and your kiddos in our own houses filled to the brim! We don't mind you coming into our (not so clean) houses, playing with the same toys our kiddos play with, and drinking our coffee! At the nest we are all about REAL relationship. We want to live life with you, offer resources to you, give community to you and your family, and offer support emotionally, spiritually, physically, and any other way that you may need/ when you need it!


Q: How do you get your funding?

A: Currently most of our funding comes from our plethora of fundraisers we love to put on for our community! Anything from spaghetti dinners, christmas teas, to fun runs. We are all about different ideas, and ways that involved different types of moms and communities into learning what we are all about at The Mother's Nest!

The rest of our funding comes from our Monthly Donor Support base, which we are SO blessed to have! If you are interested in becoming a monthly donor in any amount ($5-?) we would love to talk to you more about what this means to join our support team at The Nest, and how you benefit MANY moms and children by supporting this local organization!

Keep an eye on our event page for upcoming fundraisers, as well as join our TEAM newsletter (bi-weekly on Tuesdays) to learn more about our needs/ prayer requests/ updates!



I hope that answered some of the lingering questions in your brain!

Thank you for believing in what we are doing at the Nest! Bringing mommas, and kiddos together in a safe, healthy, real, and uplifting environment!

Until next time!


Here are some of the Current Programs we are running!


Toddler & Up (mommas of toddlers & older)

Becoming "Mom" (for moms pregnancy through one year post partum)

Mommy & Me Play (playdates for momma's and kiddos)

Relaxation Yoga (Wednesday Morning yoga w/ childcare included!)

Want more info? Contact us!


 Photo Courtesy of Victoria Maloney- Victoria Photos

Photo Courtesy of Victoria Maloney- Victoria Photos