Finding REST. *Forming a PEACE Plan*


I literally sighed out loud as I typed the word.

Its freaking beautiful.

and oh, so coveted for us mommas.


The funny thing, since walking this insane road along The Mother's Nest, I have never truly been more rested.

Which leads me to my point.





Go ahead, Go ahead, invisible punch me through your iphone screen. 


We all have had "that day" where all the sudden we realize, we haven't slept through the night, in a month, or a year, or three years... and still are somehow functioning.

We are told our whole lives that to be rested, we must sleep at least 8 hours.

I call BULL.


One, because I know from personal experience about 74 moms who would all say that even though have been exhausted from a lack of sleep, they are somehow still functioning as normal humans (most of the time, ha!)


I disagree.


If rest is a state of mind, and a place of heart... how do we get there?

I'd like to make a suggestion.

For those struggling in this area.

& By the way, If you are constantly worrying, have anxiety, stress, panic, or just straight up cant seem to get your stuff together ... you are struggling in this area. 

Get out a piece of paper.

or start a note on your phone


What stresses you out? write it down.

What situations cause anxiety for you? write it down.

What situations give you peace? "

What situations calm your spirit? "


Now... super simple....

If you can take out the things that give anxiety (or prepare yourself separately for them) do it. If you cant, CUSHION those things with your peace and calm givers!

Surround yourself with PEACE, and the things that GIVE your heart peace.

Do I sound like a loon yet?


Here's My Personal Example:

I feel anxious when: I feel out of control, something happens that is unplanned, my husband makes random plans I was unaware of, my child is sick, I have too much on my plate

Observation: This typically happens when I haven't spent time alone in a few days (I am an introvert), and/ or I haven't spent time with the ultimate source of peace, The Lord.

Stress & Anxiety Look Like:   When I am stressed, I get indigestion, ulcers, I also literally want to just go into my room, shut my door and stare at a wall. You think Im joking, But I can space out like a freaking pro.


Things that give me peace:  Coffee, time alone in quiet, naps, Target, Showers alone with no child screaming for me to get out, writing, walks.

Situations that Calm My Spirit: Alone time with God, One on One time with my husband, One on One time with a good friend over coffee, Journaling, Cleaning.


Recently, in the midst of CRAZY busyness, my life has felt the LEAST out of control it ever has been.

And yet, I have no control over what tomorrow will bring.

Only because I have become more intentional.

I am learning more about myself than I ever have.

What I like, love, need, and want.

What feeds me

and What drains me.

and being okay, with both.




If only this could become completely normal in our society, to make ourselves a priority because we know by POURING peace into ourselves, peace that ultimately comes from our Father, we will be better wives, mothers, and friends. 


... Whats your Peace Plan look like?