Camping With A Toddler

So.. this last weekend my husband's family, and our little family pod went camping.

To be honest.. I had no idea what to expect. 

Our son does pretty great during the day sleeping at other's houses while Im working, etc... but never has spent the night, outside, in a tent, in a pack n play.

Needless to say... we didn't sleep much.

But we ended up staying a longer day than we originally anticipated.


My husband was having the time of his life, the mountain man big ol child he is...

But truly it was because the amount of pure joy our little boy was experiencing.


To be honest, I haven't slept that bad since waking up with him as a newborn (or one year old who still didnt sleep through the night).. but once the night time faded into daylight, the perspective shifted.

He ran out of tent excited to start his day outside.

Oh, did I forget to mention that my very active one and a half year old is OBSESSED with outside?!

He literally never stopped moving this entire trip!

He went on what had to be 20 walks with each and every relative that would go with him. Bobbling up and down the street, running as fast as he could.

He went on 3 bike rides before 9am the first day.

and was playing in the freezing cold creek by 11. (thanks to Dad. cough cough).


But it truly gave my momma heart so much joy to see my boy in his element.

Taking in all of his surroundings.

Enjoying each and every family member.

The flicker of the nighttime fire,

The taste of camp food.

In awe of this new world of "camping"


Reflecting back on the technology-void, tent slept, stinky, sweaty, family fun, active weekend... I can't help but think what God has in this for me, as a mom.

I feel as if there is always a lesson to be learnt somewhere, when my child is involved.



My challenge to myself, and my challenge to US this weekend.. is to embrace simplicity. Take some time to take a hike outside (if it's nice of course)... or some time to do that semi-annoying activity that your man loves... or your kiddo loves.

Turn your phone on silent for the day.

Take some time to stop and see the leaves falling from the trees.

To explain the colors of the trees.. and what Fall represents.

The changing of seasons.

The reality that nothing lasts forever.

The ability to be still in the moment with your littles, and your family, and to embrace whatever is there.

Prepare yourself for whatever will come.

And Reflect on all that has come to pass.

Take a moment to look at the way your little ones view life.

The simplicity.

The joy.

The meaning.

And momma, just be all there.