When you get a moment...

Those rare, unbelievable, frighteningly calm moments in your life..

Im having one of those ... right now.

where you have a moment to think.

and the world is still.

You breathe in and out.

You take a moment.

You see a bit of light and beauty beyond that tree in the front yard..

or the person walking their dog down the street.

You ignore the crumbs on the carpet,

the mountain of dishes in the sink...

and your sticky kitchen floor.

And you take a moment.

A moment to be.

A moment to relax.

A moment to think.

A moment to NOT think.

A moment to breathe.

A moment to re-energize.

Those moments.

Yah... THOSE moments.

Those are the moments we tend to live for as moms.

But this week....

I am going to try to find those moments outside of the stillness.

And in the midst of the craziness.

In the midst of the busy work day..

the crazy screaming toddler.

The barking dog during nap time.

Last week I was SO frustrated cleaning my house...

and the thought hit me:

"How much more fulfilling would this be, if I realized that the reason WHY I have sticky floors, crumbs embedded in ever fiber of my carpet, few silent moments, and dishes in the sink... is because God has BLESSED me with a family to fill my home. WHY CANT THAT blessing be enough for me to feel joy in the small mundane things too?"

He's Blessed me with teenagers to fill up my sink with dirty dishes.

And a husband to "have" to make dinner for.

A toddler boy to chase around all day.

And his footsteps and pitter patter of his wobbly run to fill my ears.

His screaming and whining to remind me that he needs me,

and his hugs to remind me that I need him.

His clanging of pots and pans to remind me of his ever developing mind,

and his laughter to remind me of the absolute JOY he brings to my life in being a mother.

If only.. I could keep this perspective.

And NOT just in the quiet moments. The ones where I FEEL like I have the strength to keep going.

But in the CRAZY, sick baby, chaotic schedule, husband not home, pull my hair out moments... where I don't FEEL "it" at all.


Mommas, we are blessed.

Join me today in rejoicing even in the chaos.

Being grateful for the crumbs,

and the pitter patter of dirty feet.

The loads of laundry,

and the beauty in their tears.

Because they wont need us to wipe them forever,

and right now... we can choose to enjoy the blessing in front of us.