A Little Love story...

Recently I was asked how I met Brandon, my husband, and it dawned on me that I am so quick to share the story with others of how the mothers nest started, or my struggle with Post partum depression... and so slow to acknowledge the love of my life.. and the TRUE encouragement behind the organization.

Brandon and I met my first day of tenth grade.

ps. that was TEN years ago. (I think.. someone else do the math please)

He was a cool football player 11th grader.. and I was the "new girl".

I had just transferred from private, to public school (genius idea...)

and we became friends.

I dated his best friend in high school on and off.. so Brandon and I, were always by default... just friends.

If you know my husband, you know he is a great guy. A NICE GUY. and has ALWAYS been that way.

Back when I was 16, I couldn't be bothered with a "nice guy"... he was "too nice for me". (again, genius).

So time passed.. dates came and went.. relationships started and ended for both of us..

We stayed friends, would go to movies, and hang out together all the time.

We talked about our relationships.

We talked about our families.

And then came a time.. where I decided to follow God with my life.

You see, we were both in what you would call the "party" crowd in high school/ college.

We both liked to party, and found a lot of our identity in that.

So I decided to leave that life. During my freshman year of college, my heart started to drastically transform.

I came back to the God I had known as a child.. and decided that the life that had darkened me so heavily.. was no longer for me.

So I changed. I moved to Australia to do missions for a year, and then I came home.

Brandon and I, were still just friends.

We stayed friends, and would talk, he would ask questions, and I would listen.

We would laugh, and joke, and watch homeward bound.. and be weirdos together.. like best friends do.

And then.. my friends, it happened.

I was getting ready to MOVE ACROSS THE WORLD AGAIN.. FOR GOOD THIS TIME. (or so I thought), and homeboy dropped A BOMB ON ME.

He told me he loved me, and wanted to marry me.

And I just about crapped my pants.

So the rest of the story is insane, and makes me laugh forever in my head.

Our lives have been anything but "normal"

We dated for one year overseas from each other. Skyping on weekends, and calling on random cell phones when I was in the middle of the Amazon.

I came home to marry him.

We received custody of our two teenage brothers.

We got married.

We got pregnant two weeks later.

We had Hylan.

We Suffered through post partum craziness (you know that story already).

We started a non profit, and a business at the same time..

And here... we. are.

Thats our story.

He is literally THE BEST.

God knew what I NEEDED when he gave me Brandon.

Constant support, strength, courage, and my rock.

He is so steady. He is SO consistent. He is SO intelligent, and he is SO loving.

Those who know him know that he LOVES babies, he wants to have about 9 million of them (not on my watch buddy),

and he LOVES being a daddy.

Where I am so quick to talk and explain, Brandon lets his actions speak for themselves.

He does anything for anyone, and is such a true and loyal friend.

These are all such special qualities to me.. and ones that I adore in the man that I love, the one who loves the Lord, and loves his family with his whole heart.

God knew I needed the man who knew my deepest pains and hurts.. who lived them with me.. to love me like God himself does.. in all his redemption.

So grateful for you babe, and for our story

Thank you for all of your support, your love, your FORGIVENESS everyday for my crankiness, and your generosity of sharing your wife with so many women through the mothers nest!