Easing into Fall... Dreading the Winter: 3 TIPS to staying positive and happy this season

The most beautiful season is here! (in my opinion) FALL.

AH. so glorious. the fall boots, leggings, tunics, leather jackets, starbuck's pumpkin spice latte's, and the visits to the pumpkin patch. I LOVE FALL.


....But we all know what comes After fall.... (the season which we shall not name!) ... and so I thought I'd put together a few tips and tricks to staying positive and happy during the very cold (very long) colder months ahead!

For me: Intentionality is HUGE in staying positive and happy, and since I am prone to depression/ anxiety.. it is EXTRA important for me to be on top of it.. to make myself get out of bed and be active, and to know what makes me be alive.. especially in the dreary months of the year!

The biggest player in the happy game for me is : Serotonin. 


This is a GREAT article on natural ways to boost serotonin levels--- Click here!

Here is a great diagram of foods to start regularly including in your diet to help boost your serotonin: 

This is a great resource all about Young Living Essential Oils-- another great way to naturally balance your body with oils the earth provides (I use Joy, Orange, Lemon, and Lavender to help specifically with anxiety and depression)-- click here for more info!


Another tip I find helpful is finding something to be excited about each month!

Whether that is Christmas... Pumpkin patch fun.. special snow days with hot chocolate for the kiddos, or possibly a fun "tent inside" type of day... these can literally help you get through it.. and LOVE life whilst the blustery winter has its way.


ew. I said it. Yes. exercise is MONUMENTAL in your emotional and mental health during the poopy winter months. 

You say: "Im sorry, how is that humanly possible with children and snow on the ground?"

I say: "Lucky for you.. The Mother's Nest offers Yoga classes. Which are relaxing, but still challenging and BOOST your serotonin... oh.. AND we have CHILDCARE! :) " stay tuned for more details!

Besides the yoga.. there are programs your can buy for your TV to do with your kiddos at home! Those are fun.. not my cup of tea, but a lot of moms I know like them.

Also, you could buy a treadmill.


You could just come to our yoga classes ;)


What do you do to stay positive... calm.. and happy in the winter months?