In a sea of Blogs... Why Does The Mother's Nest write?

Lately.. I have been overwhelmed by the sea of mom blogs that fills the internet.

Maybe I just was oblivious, but I swear I did not know that many blogs existed of "mommy bloggers" back when my son was born, almost 2 years ago.

So in the swarming sea of blogs. Jam Packed FULL of great intention, beauty, and encouragement...

I wonder where the place is for us.

Why I keep writing.

Why The Mother's Nest has a blog.

And if you have asked the same question... 

I have an answer for you...


We blog because we want to be a voice that LEADS you to face to face community.

A voice amidst the sea of mommy blogs full of great intention & encouragement, but unfortunately have nothing to offer after the sweet and sappy blog post.

How many times have you read a blog, been encouraged, had NO idea who the author was, and moved on with your day?

me--  1 million (give or take ;))

How many times have you read a blog post from a mom who says she's struggling, says she is full of hope and love, says she refuses to clean today to embrace her sweet baby's smell.. and then that same mom invited you to her home that day to engulf yourself in the hilarity and insanity that motherhood is?

me-- uhm...?


We want to create a PHYSICAL culture and community with you too.. not just an "internet" one.

One that pushes you a bit further to get off the couch & join us fully awesome in your yoga pants.

One that has the MEAT of the conversation with our FRIENDS at our programming, and not just online.


Our blog is a reminder that we are here.

we're changing the face of what it means to have community as a mother,

in a swarming sea of encouragement offered online.

COME meet face to face with us.

We are for you.

You are part of a community.

A strong, fierce, crazy, hilarious, diverse, and real community.

We want you in our doors.

In our second home.

and most importantly...

In our lives.


We value you, moms.

You are so great, and you have so much to offer those in your community.

Our hope is that through our blog we offer hope and desire & realness for you to feel good about joining our community of moms. Moms who are like you in some ways, and different from you in others. Moms who breastfeed, and moms who formula feed. Moms who are single and moms who are married. Moms who are Christian, and moms who aren't. The common factor holding us together? Not breastfeeding... not baby wearing... but the sheer joy that we are mothers.