Our House. Your Home.

One of my favorite things about The Mother's Nest.. just happened, it wasn't necessarily planned.

Having you in our homes.

Whether it be our Wednesday play groups at my house.. Becoming "Mom" at Caley's and  Moms Group at Kati's House....

You got to know us.

By seeing our houses.

And lanta have you "seen" our houses... (or at least mine)

Seeing our dirty dishes.

Meeting my very talkative teenagers. ha.

And seeing us in our yoga pants at all hours of the day.


An element that was never fully intended, but Im sure in God's plan all along.

I love the fruit that came along with it. the realness to what has been started.

and the importance of Our house, Your Home.. that we never really realized.


When coming to big decisions about our building, our Board would always say... The Mother's Nest already exists. It is in us, It is through us, it is in our houses. The building is just a bonus.

So as we get excited entering the New Year with new and exciting plans for The Mother's Nest... and getting our building ready to operate...

We remind you that its your home too.

Get excited about your new home.

Your place.

Your fortress.

Your quiet place.

And your place of community.


Pray for us as we continue to re-construct, decorate, and create a beautiful place for you and your kiddos to call your "second home".

Because our Nest... is your Nest. 

And we are just SO excited about that.


 The Soon To be NEW home of The Mother's Nest, 752 Canton Rd. Akron, OH 44312.

The Soon To be NEW home of The Mother's Nest, 752 Canton Rd. Akron, OH 44312.