Your Word For the Year.

So a week has settled in since the new year.

How ya doin?

Keeping those resolutions?

Im not a resolution hater by any means. Im totally a goal oriented person.. and get PSYCHED about the new year and making my whole family sit down and write goals and such.

But one thing I have found SUPER helpful along the journey of making goals & keeping them.. and also not keeping them... (mainly the health driven ones.. I just love chocolate)... 

Has been choosing your Word.

Take a moment, Pray, look inside yourself... 


You may already know.

You may have 85 to choose from.


But which one... do you think is actually something that is meant to be THIS year for you?

Mine is the word, Priority.

I keep trying to change my word.

Praying & telling God that this word seems to structured for my ever changing heart... and making suggestions of works like "BE" and "HEALTHY" and "TIME" 

And he said no.

So my word.. is Priority.


I am a work ox.

A be all, be everything, do everything until I pass out type of person.

And for the past months it has become an increasing reality that my priorities have to get in order, or burn out is sure to follow..







I'd like to say my list of priorities always looks like that. But not so much.

Im great at working, and I usually am pretty good at making my kiddos a priority.

But marriage? Jesus? 

Well thats a bit harder than it looks.

Maybe it's because those two people love me more than anyone else.

And accept me at my worst.

Or maybe it's because I take their love for granted. 

Regardless, it must become my priority.


So this year. My word is priority. To have the right priorities, to make sure Jesus and my husband are at the top of them... and if they aren't. to STOP what I am doing, and make sure that happens.


What about you?

What is YOUR word for 2015?