Let it GO....a lesson from Elsa.

Oh Elsa. How I love you so.

Last week, I posted this picture of my little guy.


Such a great time.

Friday morning, it was a morning just like every other...

started off with breakfast & frozen 

Lots of coffee for me.


And then it happened. 

He found his snow boots.

Put them on... diaper and all...

and banged on the door to go outside.


My heart sunk, because I knew this could end in only 1 of 2 ways.

Tantrum beyond belief (getting close to nap time)


Go outside in the 0 degree weather and play with this little cutie in the snow.


So I Chose the later.

And I was so grateful for it!


It was beyond freezing outside...

But it was so fun.


And so abnormal. at least, for me.

I am totally not the mom who desires to go out and play in the snow more than once a year.

Shoot, I wasn't even the KID who desired to play in the snow.


So it was a lesson.

A lesson from Elsa... (did I just say that outloud?)

As my child screamed to go outside.

Let the tantrum show..

Or just LET IT GO.

Get your boots on, take 20 minutes to bundle the kid up.... 

and. go. outside.


And sometimes mommas... we just gotta let it go.

Let go of Our freedom at times .

Our morning coffee in one sitting without re-heating.

Our "clean house"

Our Scheduled out week without sickness hitting.


We just have to let it go.

Get our snow boots on.

And play in the dang snow.


Heres to "letting it go" this week.

Putting our kiddos happiness above our own at times.

And just doing our best to enjoy the little years.