MOMS: Why you AND I need FACE TO FACE Community.

Okay, so let's just get this out there...

I LOVE online community as much as the next person.

I love the ability to ask a quick question online, get a quick response.. and go about my day.

I am busy.. have TONS to do.. and some times the very last thing I want to do is associate with other humans face to face & ask my very raw, real & hard questions.


But if there is ANYTHING I have learnt through The Mother's Nest, running it, blessing others through it, and being blessed myself everyday by it... It is that TRUE community:: is face to face.



These past few months have been extremely hard for our family for many reasons.. most in which being the fact that one of our teenagers was found to be addicted to drugs, lying, stealing, unbelievably broken & needed extreme help.

We spent months as a couple looking everywhere for help for him. Through the government, hospitals, counselors, doctors... any route/ approach you say.. name it, we tried it.

Nothing helped.

Fast forward 6 months... and the decision came that we would take him to an amazing facility called Teen Challenge:: a 15 month rehab-troubled teen facility for kids just like ours.

In this journey ... we remained very quiet. Careful of who we opened up to about what was really going on behind our "closed doors"... (even though you all know our doors are pretty much open to anyone and everyone ;)).

When this decision came to open up to our community, near and far, our friends & our family about our decision to take Logan to Missouri to enroll him in Teen Challenge... it was one of the hardest things we have EVER done. This past week has been one of the hardest of our lives... and Lord knows we have had our trials as a family.

I would by lying if I said it wasn't extremely humbling for us to do this.. but we asked our friends & family for help financially. You see, this program costs $40,000 total. UHM YEAH. money we dont necessarily have. (slash dont have at all).

We felt in our hearts that this was the place.. hands down.. that our Logan was meant to be at. If money was no option (which we know in our hearts money is no factor for God), this was the place he was meant to be.

So we made a facebook group. We sent out emails. Telling those closest to us, our community, what was going on behind the walls of our home. The fact that our hearts were broken. The fact that our minds and emotions were maxed THIN. The fact that we needed help, not only financially, but support wise, and emotionally.

And let me tell you... our community... PULLED THROUGH.

You guys, if I EVER have anything to rant and rave about online... or something to pound into your heads.. it is THAT YOU NEED FACE TO FACE COMMUNITY.

It is worth your time to invest into REAL, RAW, and HONEST community.


Well.. we have spent the past year and a half investing into the mothers nest. Not just as a "non profit" or whatever.. but investing our whole hearts & lives into the people involved, our community, our now friends, our family.

In these moments recently with Logan.. where I wondered WHY. WHY GOD? 

I was reminded why.

God always likes to lead through the actions of my heart first.

Community has been on my heart for QUITE some time. One of the legs of The Mother's Nest is community. We want to provide that for moms.

In an age when "community" is falsely portrayed as facebook groups & discussions online without ever seeing each other's faces, messy homes, & real lives...

The Mother's Nest steps in.


These AMAZING moms that I have had the absolute privilege to lead this past year.. BLEW.ME.AWAY.

Our Moms Squad.. is a group of mommas who are devoted to serving & loving the moms at The Mother's Nest. We meet once a month, eat dinner together, and dive into what God has for our lives, our families, and support one another.


This group. 

Brought my family meals every day for a week.

Gave us financial donations that literally knocked the wind out of me.

Fell to their knees in prayer for our family.

Sent me a bazillion of encouraging texts and reminders that God is so faithful.

They are OUR community.

My face to face, nitty gritty, let me hold you while you're crying, community.

I AM SO GRATEFUL for this.

I am so grateful that through being faithful to meet these women face to face... GOD has blessed me a million fold.

We could have started The Mother's Nest as another online community.

But we didn't.

We purposely get uncomfortable by going to each other's houses.

By serving in REAL ways.

Meeting needs according to each family.

by BEING HONEST & telling you that we more than often DO NOT have it all together.

So mommas... what's holding you back?

From this beautiful, unique community?

Something like you have NEVER seen before?

Something that is true, beautiful, messy, and REAL?



I PROMISE YOU, you won't regret it.