A Reflection on our Nest Warming Party!

Yesterday.. was a whirlwind of beauty. 

"You are a city on a hill!"   

Our yoga instructor, Kristin exclaimed to me as she came into the party. 

"You are a city on a hill, your light cannot be hidden". 


She isn't the first person who noticed that our building just so happens to randomly be on a hill, in the middle of the city, and it is set up for everyone to see.

And to be honest.. If I could describe the hope for the mothers nest, in one sentence.. it is that we would be a refuge, a place of restoration, of hope... a city on a hill.

What a beautiful day, our nest warming party was.

The day started out with many friends and families coming in that we serve... ended with having over 200 people there.

so many new curious faces, as well as the beautiful faces of families we serve in our programming.

We love our supporters.

We love our families.

We love love love this community of The Mother's Nest.

We don't exist.. without YOU.

Thank you for supporting us!


I would be lying if I said it had all sunk in, because it hasn't.

Im afraid if it does.. I may cower in a corner & never come out! It overwhelms me to think of what a beautiful thing The Mother's Nest is... and how many people we have served through it!

To think.. that this building, these moms that we serve, this community that is forming... was all a part of a suffering lonely moms vision... just a year and a half ago... blows.my.mind.

To think that this vision was entrusted to me originally... is completely humbling, weird, and feels almost like a joke at times! ha.

I don't know if I can ever explain that feeling that happens when you realize that... a vision your heart was given... is coming true, and way beyond the capacity that you ever imagined.

And if I could, I would tell you about it. But since I cannot articulate it... I will just leave it at the fact that I am blown away.


I shared with our Moms Squad volunteers last night however, that even more so seeing so many faces come in and out of our doors, going on tours, and supporting what we are doing... it blessed my heart to see them SERVE with pride... for this vision that has SO much become a part of their hearts too.

These women,  have poured countless hours into serving the moms in our programs. 

They support us financially because they believe in what we are doing.

They volunteer in children's programming.

They serve in any way that they can. and for some, with a baby on their hip, or strapped to their chest the entire time.


I think I've found my calling.

A few years back, one of my students in Australia spoke the word over me

"You are going to be a mother to many.." 

I cringed a little bit at the thought of having 15 kids or something... && prayed silently that wasn't what God had in mind.

But now I know what God meant when he spoke that word to my heart through her.

I am a mother to many.

Because he is a "mother" to many.


My calling?

To see these women, live out honest, real, and vulnerable lives as mothers... whatever that journey looks like. TO feel EMPOWERED to do it with all the grace that we receive from God, and simultaneously express their giftings in whatever way God has for them.


Fundraising Director.

Children's Programming Director.

Lactation Counselor.

Administrative Assistant.

Helping with the graphic design behind the scenes. 

Creating the landscape for the building.

Making the indoors Beautiful. 

Being a behind the scenes worker & Doing it with all humility in the world.

Program Leader.


Just a few of the MANY talents that I have seen come alive in the past few months.

Talents I am so privileged to facilitate in some capacity in leading the nest.

If anything, I think that's what I do best.


So ... what does a "mother to many" look like?

For me, a person who facilitates, champions, and cultivates those giftings.

Because after all, isn't that the mother heart in God in what he calls out in us?

And isn't that our responsibility to call out and cultivate the giftings in our own children?


And today, Today I am blessed to have a place.. to live that out.

To love on moms.

To call out giftings.

To give them a place to cultivate them.

And serve them individually along the way.

And today... I am so grateful, for this place, this new facility.. that is so much a part of my heart... and so much a part of "home" for me.