We Welcome Our Lactation Counselor!!!

We, as The Mother's Nest are absolutely THRILLED to share with you that we now have a certified Lactation Counselor on staff!

For those of you who don't already know her,


Sharon Dailey, has been with us since the beginning! She serves on our Board of Directors, plays with the kiddos during children's programming, is a momma to all of us in her own way, and now...

Is our Lactation Counselor!

We are thrilled to be able to bring this resource for our mommies who breastfeed to the nest!

Sharon is a mom to three beautiful grown kiddos, and let me tell you, has the most natural nurturing spirit ever! 

She herself nursed all of her children, so definitely has the experience, but also now the knowledge as she is a certified CLC.

Sharon will be starting her office hours in the next few months on Mondays for Lactation Support. Stay tuned for more info, and in the meantime for case by case basis you can contact her HERE.

Thank you Sharon for serving at The Nest, in ALL the many ways that you do.. and now fulfilling this need, and meeting it SO well for our mommas at the Nest! WE are so grateful for you!