The Impact OF the Mother's Nest Community

Nesting: (v).

To create and settle into a warm and secure refuge.


This is a sweet except and encouragement written by one of our moms in our Becoming "Mom" program at The Mother's Nest, and what it has meant to her to be a part of it.


Written by Ariana Smith

" I can't believe this month I will be celebrating officially one year in Mothers Nest programming. I love to think about my journey with The Nest, it warms my heart so much, it has been one the best journeys I have ever been on. At thirteen weeks pregnant a friend of mine invited me to playgroup at Jenna's house. I was super excited to get to know some new mom friends and at this point The Nest was Jenna's dream. I remember her telling me about it. Just about twenty three short weeks later, I was thirty six weeks pregnant and sitting at my very first becoming mom meeting. The Nest was officially formed and coming right together! It was at Caley's house, warm, and so inviting. As a reserved introvert by nature stepping into these situations usually brings me so much anxiety. Showing up to a strangers house, knowing only a few people...I was supposed to feel intimidated. But, it wasn't. I felt completely at home, with no anxiety. There was about seven or eight of us, all at different stages in our pregnancies, just gathered together. That meeting change my life. I have only missed one meeting since. At that meeting I realized the importance and need of mom community in my life.

When I try to explain the community of The Mothers Nest to others my very best explanation is that we are a big family. No judgment, transparency, complete honesty, freedom to think differently, freedom to formula feed, freedom to breastfeed, freedom to get an epidural, freedom to have homebirth, you are safe, loved, surrounded by complete unconditional motherly love, and freedom. This sense of community at The Nest is so rare. It's a rare in our churches, it's rare in our neighborhoods, and for some it's rare in their very own families.

We laugh together, we cry together, we support each other, we truly love and appreciate each other. Trying to sum up the times we have when we are together, play dates, conversations and friendships is hard! To the hard times when I feel completely surrounded by love…the times Jenna has dropped what she's doing to pray for me or come over and bring me a coffee. Or when Ellie is sick I can message everyone and know I have a group of women praying for her, wanting to come over and help me in anyway possible. These are just some aspects of our community. I truly love all of the women I've met over my year in mother's nest programming. The sweetest, most genuine, nonjudgmental, and loving mothers. This sense of community has changed my family. Ellie is growing up in this beautiful community, she's truly loved by the children's programming volunteers, moms in The Nest, and she's surrounded by so many kids her own age. She gets to grow up with this second family. I'm so thankful. My husband and I serve together through this. It's strengthen our marriage. It's helped grow into a better mom and a better wife.

I tell Jenna this a lot but...thank you. Moms like me need The Nest. The Nest is home for me and my family. The friendships I have formed are ones I will have for life. The sense of love, and community that is offered through this avenue is literally just amazing. The nest is home for my family and will be for so many more years. I can't believe it's already been a year!"



Thank you sweet lady, for allowing us to be a part of this journey with you. For being part of something new, and untraditional, and also having grace with us as we figure stuff out! :) We are so grateful for you!



I hope that as you read this, your heart was filled with joy.

One, that moms are being served, and truly loved in non judgmental avenues through the Nest.

Also, that you may be filled with courage.

To either keep coming to The Mother's Nest, or to START. 

We already love you. WE just may have not met you yet!


Grateful to be part of such an amazing community!


The. Mother's. Nest.