What Makes YOU feel like a good MOM? **Happy Mother's Day!**

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Sometimes, I feel as if we should have a "mother's month." or year.... but one day... this day, you deserve to be celebrated sweet momma!

For the noses you wipe.

The Diapers you change.

The TEARS you cry for, over, and because of your little ones

You are so great.

You are so worthy.

And we are so grateful that you continually serve those little ones, with all of your ability.

What makes you feel like a great mom?

Its okay to acknowledge that you're actually a great mom every once in awhile! 


"When my child looks up and is THRILLED to see me when I come home from work, runs and hugs me, and says momma!! hi!! i feel like a great mom. I feel like his heart is so full of love.. and somewhere, along the way.. I've done a great job"

"When Brooke and I are playing or cuddling or just sitting watching Daniel tiger and she'll randomly look at me and say "mom, you're my best friend, I love you so much." My heart is so full in that moment and I just know I'm doing a good job. That even though I'm not even close to being perfect, I'm perfect to her"

"I feel like a great mom whenever I'm away from Elli for longer than normal. Sometimes at work or when she stays the night somewhere I have to get out my phone and look at a picture or watch a funny video of her because I miss her so much. It reminds me that even though I'm not perfect and have many failings I'm head over heals for her and love her beyond comprehension. Which makes me feel pretty good as a momma"

"when Silas gets hyped up or in trouble and I remain patient with him and then he calms down to match my mood, I feel like a good mom!"

"I feel like a good mom when we make it to bed time and she sits on my lap to read a book  and when Phoebe looks up at me after eating and smiles"

"Bedtime is such a sweet time. No matter what the day has held or how many times I have been frustrated, she cuddles up with me while I read her books, gives me kisses, puts her hands on my cheeks and forehead against my forehead while I sing "Jesus Loves Me", and prays for Daddy, Mommy, herself (ha!), and baby brother. She is so loving and forgiving, and it makes me feel like a great mom."

"When I go to get Lucy out of her crib and she is SO excited to see me that she kicks her legs all around and starts giggling"

"When she mimics me and I like what she's mimicking....when she holds my face in her hands and tells me she's happy that I'm her momma."

WHAT makes YOU feel like a great momma!?

Comment below!