Why Discipline & the "not so fun" part of Toddler-Raising--- MATTERS in the Long Run.

The other day I sat with my teenager (yes I have two teenagers),

and talked about his upcoming missions training (DTS with Youth with a Mission) coming up in January of next year. (read more about that here if you want)

It's really fun having teenagers.

Uhm, and a lot of other things.. but I wont scare you ;)


One of the coolest things, even though we have only had our teens for 4 years, is being able to have the "real conversations".

I know what conversations are like with toddlers... because I have one of those too.

But having the deep, real meaning of life convos with your teens... is absolutely priceless.

it feels so tangibly... valuable.


We talked about life, about God, about what it means to serve him, about marriage.. and why its pointless to date unless its a girl you could see yourself marrying.

We talked about my mistakes, and his.

And we talked about how exciting it is to live a life for Jesus (as this is a family value of ours), and how different that may look to others, but how its the most fulfilling thing in the world.


And I just had this moment.

Where i said.. ahh ha.


This is why I discipline my toddler.

and do 1 million timeouts a day.

Or why I pray with him even at his age now.

Or why I cuddle him when he's sick,

and comfort him when he's sad.

Why I help him determine the difference between his emotions,

and the importance of trusting that he is never alone.


This is why I protect him.

This is why I cherish him.

This is why I show him love.


Because one day... it stops becoming so monotonous, and starts becoming something absolutely beautiful.

When your kid trusts you to come to you and talk about sex, drugs, friends, and God.

When your kid believes that you will love them no matter what.

When your kid pushes you away, because they know you aren't going anywhere.

One day... those things WILL happen with your kiddos.

and they wont seem so kiddo-ish anymore.


But now? Right now.. you are building a foundation.

A solid one.

One of trust.

One of boundaries.

One of faithfulness.

And most importantly, of LOVE.


So keep at it momma, you're doing GREAT.

these years of littles do not last forever... and while I hate as much as the next mom in the trenches hearing "cherish them now.. they grow up so fast"...as if them growing up is something to be scared of...

Them growing up, really isn't such a bad thing.

I promise.

Because thats our job. to raise them well. to love them with all we've got...

and there is something beautiful, about seeing them become their own person, with their own ideas, beliefs, and convictions.

Just trust me,

It's so worth it.

So keep going.

Keep building that foundation.