No Complain November!!

To be honest, it's pretty much the most ironic thing in the world that I opened up my computer this morning and saw that it was November 1.

It's tradition, for me that I spend the month of November reflecting on gratitude and practicing the art of being thankful. I'm obsessed with November, and Thanksgiving happens to be my favorite holiday! 

Funny thing about the Thanksgiving season...  it Is also the season where Cold weather kicks in, kids start to get sick, money starts to get tight, moods start to get... Moody?, we start to feel fat and pale, Family drama arises... And it's just so much fun to complain!

This is why I challenge you, and myself, to dedicate this month..

To Gratitude.

Here's the thing though, so many of us Think that being thankful means we write Down 10 things we are grateful for, and call it a day.

The reality is... Our are kids are watching us. If you ever wonder why your kid is a complainer, whiny, or being a turd ball... First action, look in the mirror. 

The funny thing is... When you "Give up" complaining... All the complaining from everyone else sticks out like a sore thumb, and then you realize, how much we as people complain. SO you will also get to practice your GRACE ;)


So here's my challenge...

Dedicate one month...

Yes, one entire month

To give up... Complaining!

I'm not even asking you to give up something good like chocolate... I'm asking you to give up something that kills your spirit.


Best part?

I'm in this with you.

Ironic part?

I broke my right arm on Saturday... and cant do much of anything without wanting to complain. ;)


Lets do this, and let's see how it changes our hearts and our families.


Who's with me?



***Some practicals***

-make a star chart for yourself for each day you go without complaining(Fun fact:: you can include your kids on this t00)

-give yourself a Prize at the end of each week or at the end of the month! Starbucks anyone? Trip to target? Pedicure that you would never spend on yourself? Do it. Work for it.


Now finally,

For all the naysayers out there...

I'm confronting you.

You don't want to do this, but you of all people, probably should. The person who resisted this the most... Is legitimately holding on to their complaining and negative spirit.. So just do it with me! Try it. If I can do this with a broken arm, you can do this too!

Comment below if you're in, and We'll hold each other accountable throughout the month! 

Here we go!