Grateful Hearts <3

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving.. which just so happens to be my most FAVORITE holiday ever.. I thought I'd talk about Gratitude.

AS you all know, The month of November is deemed #nocomplainnovember for The Nest. Its pretty much... interesting.. to say the least.


Some of the observations I've had this year in Not complaining (or actively trying not to)... is that it was wayyyy easier this year than last year. Thats good!

Second, don't break your dominate arm and have surgery , and have your husband go away out of town for a week for work... in the midst of no complain November #blessings.

Third, its cool to see how many people are willing to take a step into gratitude. And it was SO interesting to see how that affected the way people responded after our most recent election.


I think that having a grateful heart means so much more than going around a table on Thanksgiving and saying two things that you are grateful for. 

Once a wise man told me (and I think of this often), you can measure/ see where your heart is at with God when you listen to the presence or lack of GRATITUDE in your own prayers.


I think its worth noting that being grateful.. is a heart stance. Its a recognition of what is greater, who is in control, and what blessings we truly have received.

But, its also not being naive. The world sucks sometimes, things are so freaking hard. There is death, confusion, and just straight up crazy in this day and age.


So whats the balance between a grateful and positive heart, and a realistic stance?

uhm.. i dont know... I genuinely meant that as a question.


BUT I hope if there is one thing you have learnt from no complain November ... is thanksgiving is NOT just saying what you're thankful for. But consciously choosing to have a grateful and positive spirit and heart.


A tongue that speaks life, truth, and grace... rather than death, lies, and malice. A spirit of gratitude, energy, and joy, and one that lifts people up! Lets make no complain November travel into the New years with us too guys!


It's an honor to be on this journey with you!