Why your #GivingTuesday should be at The Nest!

Written by Jenna Brown

I find it ironic that all of American Humanity waits until the Tuesday after the busiest shopping day of the year in stores, and then online... to host #givingtuesday.... a day of giving to organizations and non profits and churches.... right when we've emptied out our pockets on more things we probably didn't need..all because they were 30% off and we JUST COULDN'T PASS UP THAT DEAL. Okay, end rant ;)

Okay... so seriously. Why should you chose The Nest to give to for #givingtuesday?

I'll give you 5 reasons why... starting at number,



5. Tax Purposes- Okay. maybe this is number 5 only on my list because I am the least "taxy" person ever. and the fact that I just said the word Taxy... probably proves it. BUT its true. Giving through the year of 2016 is almost over. Each and every donation given, is a tax deduction for the filing of your taxes this upcoming year! This is a great opportunity to give as a business, as an individual, or a couple! Give to a cause you believe in, and get a kickback for it on your taxes! #dontmindifido #givingtuesday



4. Our funding is limited- So maybe not what you want to hear... but I am going to just say it how it is. The Nest is a baby organization. 3 years in the running. We are new to the line of "non profits" in the Akron area serving moms and families. HOWEVER, there is no one that does quite what we do rather on the medical side of things, religious side of things, or social service side of things. We are kind of .. all of those in one... reaching an audience that is barely touched without emptying out their pockets and life savings.

Our target audience is lower to lower middle class moms and families. People who are typically above poverty line. I don't say that to be prideful, I just say it to be honest. There is a HUGE amount of resources in Akron Ohio for those who are in poverty. I LOVE that about Akron, truly I do. It blows me away at every networking event that I attend the amount of resources available for mothers and families in poverty class. And if thats you momma, reach out! No shame here! There are so many things that are at your fingertips!

However, in three years.. I have come to realize that moms and families in the lower middle working class, are not a cause to the majority. Christian or not, we just don't look broken. After all, how many needs can you have, when you essentially have "everything?" 

JK. there are so many. 

How do we help meet those needs?

Mental health resources, non- biased support groups, support for the foster and adoptive parents, empowerment, did I say support?, community, breastfeeding support, grief support, marriage empowerment, etc.

So when we are asked how we are funded... I typically answer this way! Rarely do we get grants awarded, rarely do we receive government funding, rarely do we receive church support.. and 90% of our funding comes from individual donors and fundraisers at this point! It's something I love that we continue to operate by the goodwill, donations, and support of those who are part of our programs, outsiders looking in, and people who genuinely wish they would have had support as young and growing families.



3. This part is the part that appeals to our christian, faith believing friends. It is no secret that The Nest is founded and operated on Christian values. These are the values of our founder, board of directors, and those running and administrating our programming. No one is weirder about this than christians.. so let me clear some things up for ya! ;) We view ourselves as the hands and feet of Jesus. Meaning... we are quite literally out there doing the work. Pouring into marriages, relationships, kids lives, families, and broken realities. We are working towards a different future for the next generation (PS that is our kids). We believe that the sphere of FAMILY is a sphere that is of utmost importance to God.. after all the thing that he created and said that it was VERY good?... By the way, that was the original family. *drops the mic*

I have seen through the years as we walk in relationship with those who believe differently than us, and the same as us.. values the same things.  Values of love, humility, honor, respect, genuineness, openness, inclusiveness, authenticity, and grace translate into everyone's life. Why? BECAUSE WE ALL WANT THAT. yep. we do.

SO. church goers. While I love you, please understand that we are not your competition. We are just a different extension of the church body. We are approaching the reality of our world in a different way as believers. In a way that doesn't say "come to us" but ... let us come to you. In a way that looks like breastfeeding support for a new and vulnerable mom, arms of a hug after losing a baby, a poker game of dudes on a Friday night.. and real authentic relationship in our living rooms and in our building. Not an us and  them, but an US. a WE. A I need you too. Its pretty beautiful to be honest. The people who never would come into your doors for fear of being judged? they're sitting on our couches... and we LOVE it this way. Support us in this! We NEED your support to keep on doing what we feel we are meant to do in our community, and in the lives of families around us. 



2. Well, Because families matter. As most of you know we originally started out as The Mother's Nest, an organization committed to the support specifically for moms. What we have learnt through our time targeting and loving on mommas and kiddos... is that the WHOLE family is really in need of support, empowerment, and community.

Strategy here? Moms are the gateway to the family. Am I right? 99% of mothers control the families schedules. (i made that number up, so if you google is and it's different, holler at your girl).

Dads need support to be providers, leaders of their family, lovers of their wives, empowering of their children.  Moms need support to be nurturers, meet needs, whether working, staying at home, or all of the above. Kiddos? Need support to be them. FAMILIES? we need support to just be in this world in whatever form we come in. Whatever race, religion, denomination, we just need support. Love. Non judgment.

In a world of A MILLION opinions... coming to a place that throws opinions aside, and instead loves... is a RARE-ity. Brokenness in families is something we are SO accustomed to in our culture.. it doesn't even phase us anymore. Why do we all say... "well we all have our family baggage..." like its something that is expected, and okay? ITS NOT OKAY. I do not want that for my children. For one day them to sit in a room of broken individuals all pretending like they have it together, googling how to parent rather than trusting their instincts and beliefs. To sit in meetings where each and every person's parents are divorced, lives filled and riddled with abandonment, neglect, abuse, co-dependency, adultery.  Let's STOP the cycle HERE friends.

Let's invest into the sphere of FAMILY.



1. Help us expand to THE NEST.

As stated earlier, we have operated as The Mother's Nest until THIS year. This specific #givingtuesday we are asking that you would pray and consider donating towards the finishing of our BASEMENT floor of The Nest. Why? BECAUSE this is where our children's programming will be held, as well as our men's programming!

Our building consists of three floors, two of which are completely remodeled for use. We currently have our kiddos upstairs, but are rapidly outgrowing the space! Our next reality as we continue to expand to The NEST is to fully operate and expand to serve the entire family. Currently, we serve moms SUPER well. Dads? Not so much. Kiddos... getting there! BUT in order to fully operate and maximize the use of our building, and completely live out our mission as an organization and individuals, we need to finish our basement! Our vision is to create an amazing play place for kiddos, and an awesome "dude's den" for the dads! Equipped with a pool table (already in my garage), dude couches, and minimum "decor" (as requested from my hubs). 

This project? Easily is our most extensive project to date. Our basement is completely gutted (has been for 2 years), but need new walls, floors leveled, a new bathroom, drywalls, drop ceiling, new wiring and pot lighting, children's activity center, and doors up to code and date. This will all cost total estimated around $35,000 in total if done by professionals (but good thing we have handy men in business, so we are seeking to raise $6,000 to get the project started!

Here are a few pictures of what we are thinking for inspiration!!!



Would you consider partnering with us in this way?!

OH AND a fun little surprise! We have a little promo (if you are okay with it!) and public thanks for our levels of donations! But PLEASE know that literally, EVERYTHING helps!