Why the Name Change?!

You may be wondering (or if you're anything like me you probably didn't notice) why our name has changed to THE NEST instead of "The Mother's Nest?"

It's for a lot of reasons, but we wanted to lay an explanation out there for the fellow inquisitive folk.

The Mother's Nest started two and a half years ago in our founder's living room.

What started as a playgroup of babies who couldn't technically even "play" yet and moms who desperately desired authentic communication and relationship has evolved into something nothing short of amazing.

Its evolved in a non-profit organization:

  • 4 regular programs serving both moms and kids
  • 2 support services
  • 3 regularly held classes
  • 14 community partnerships
  • 600 local families involved
  • over 2,000 online families involved across the WORLD

but.. it's much much more than that.

What started out as literally a mere thought called: "I wish there was a non-judgmental place for ALL moms to go to. One that it didn't matter if you breast or bottle fed, and one that just loved moms for where they were" has morphed into something we never thought that it would have become ... but in hindsight makes perfect sense.

The NEST now encompasses programming for the ENTIRE family.

Our heart is for family, and we know (and you're lying to yourself if you don't agree) that moms are the door opener to the family. Moms run the schedule (for the most part), and we continually discern what activities our family, our kids are going to be a part of.

To be honest, we don't care how your family unit came to be.

Or even care if you have children yet.

What we care about is calling back the original beauty into this amazing expression of God's love here on earth.

We desire to see healthy marriages

Healthy single parents

Healthy brains of moms caring for infants and toddlers (and teenagers.. hold your horses)

Healthy parents

Healthy kids


Stick around me long enough and you will pinpoint at least seven times in your life when you've heard me go on a rant about something I am passionate about.

And families, is one of them.

Maybe it's the brokenness in my own family unit, the one my older boys came to me from, my travels across the world, or ... call me crazy (yet again) ... the brokenness in our very city.


When our media tells us we have a heroin epidemic,

I say we have a parenting epidemic.  

When our media tells us to stand against each other,

I say ... let's join together and just love each other no matter where we are from.

When the church says, "let them come to us,"

I say.. let us go TO THEM.

So pretty much, no matter where you stand / who you are ... crunch-tastic, Christian, Jewish, foreign, black, white, married, single, mom of 24, homeschooler, public schooled, gay, straight ... we want you here!

We want to support your family.

We want to build healthy relationships into our everyday midst.

We want to raise the next generation to love each other.

We want to raise our next generation of moms to LOVE THEMSELVES.

We want to say goodbye to hatred.

Say goodbye to the focus being on putting the bandaids on all the after effects of the issues ... and kick the issue right in the BUTT (I actually spelled A-S-S in my head like I was spelling something in front of my toddler he couldn't hear, and then laughed at myself ... I digress).

Let's build into the family unit.

Let's have strong marriages.

Have healthy moms.

Have healthy KIDS.


This is why we changed our name.

Yes, we all call it that anyways, and Lord knows we've been intentionally seeking to love and bless the whole family since the beginning ... but hey, we might as well now make it official ;)