Hanging on the edge? Go ahead... jump off!

Written by Jenna Brown

I got to hang out with a bunch of amazing foster and adoptive parents last night, and a whole bunch of people who are interested.


It's pretty much my fave... 

Heres why,


In the book of James (in the Bible) we are called as believers to look after the orphan and the widow, and remember them in their time of distress. We are told that THIS is pure and spotless religion.

For some that means supporting the foster and adoptive families....

and for many that means, 

Jumping over the edge into the straight up world of foster and adoption care.

(yes it is kind of another world...)


I was so encouraged sitting with this group of people, with their real stories, their real questions, and it just truly blew me away.

God is moving his sons and daughters to action.

He is. 

And I GET a front row seat.


So much of what we do at The Nest is create the space, create the culture, create the environment for the spirit of God to move. 

So much of what we do is facilitate that movement, that space, that growth, and encourage it by fanning that flame into straight up fire and passion.


Friend, if you are on the fence about foster care and or adoption can I fan that flame a little bit?


Here's the thing....

It wont be easy.

No, I am not just saying that.. like seriously it will not be easy.

You will be ruined for normal.

Like... forever.

And thats amazing.


Its scary, I know. 

but its scarier to say no to Jesus when he is prompting you.


Many people who start organizations/ ministries will tell you that they believe that God was putting their ministry they are called to on the hearts of many others that said "no", before they were the ones who said "yes".

We automatically think "oh of course that has to be me" because we are the one that is chosen for the task.

Which is true, in part.


But what is also true, is that if you say "no". God WILL find someone else.

His heart is more dedicated to the orphans of summit county than yours will EVER be.

His heart is more dedicated to the reunification of family than any social workers.

His heart is more concerned about the child in the orphanage in Russia than yours is, I promise.


This summer, our friends and some of our family went to the AZUSA NOW CLEVELAND event at the Q arena. 

At this two day event we saw hundreds of people come to Jesus, we saw hundreds of people healed from physical ailments in their bodies, and we saw and experienced the POWER OF GOD. I mean there are things, that I Just cant tell you through a blog friend (ask me in person).  

It was the birth place of something that will carry on through Akron and this nation to revive the body of Christ.

I had a moment, while I was there of profound impact.

A moment that marked me.

I remember looking up at the stage at these INCREDIBLE men and women of God and was overwhelmed. I was humbled. I was marked. I was changed.

I had this moment of realization that men and women have been praying into, have been speaking over, have been believing for revival for Akron and God's people here WAY LONGER THAN I HAVE EVEN BEEN ALIVE.

I had this second part of this revelation, where I realized that GOD WAS GOING TO DO WHAT HE WANTED TO DO... and I GOT TO DECIDE IF I WANTED TO DO IT WITH HIM OR NOT.

It was a profound wave that was just so "other than" me, or any other person there.

IT was truly a move of God and there was this moment, where I was just like.. God is going to do this. He is going to restore his people and revive his church and bring his kingdom on to earth. 


And then that second part came up for me in question form.


Do I want to be a part of it?

It was so peaceful. 

Peaceful to realize that God would do it with or without me.

It took the burden off of me, and instead, simply handed me an invitation...

He wasn't holding me down forcing me to agree to his ways and plans and run a ministry until I die. He was just inviting me into something that was SO much bigger than me. A movement of saints that were on mission to awaken the church, restore his bride, and make his name known throughout the earth.

It was an awesome experience sure, 

but ultimately it was an invitation.

Into the army of Christ.

Into the body of something way bigger than myself.



And this, my friends is a lot of what I think is missing in the world of foster and adoptive care.

It can either become its own niche where its almost like a prideful jaunt that if you are fostering than you "really get the gospel" or .. it can become very very lonely and isolated.

Neither of those do I see the Jesus insinuating when he asks us if we want to be fishers of men.


Its an invitation to ways that are like his.

Its an invitation to a front row seat of knowing our Fathers heart.

Its an invitation to suffering that looks a lot like his.

Its an invitation to sacrifice.

Its an invitation to the Kingdom of God.

Its an invitation ultimately to what we were made for.



My friends,

God will continue to care for the orphan, WITH or WITHOUT you. You aren't the main player in this space. Jesus is.


How incredible would it be if you said yes?

How hard it would be, yes. But HOW INCREDIBLE would it be to get a front row seat to the Father's heart in this way?

Regardless, of what it means to answer the call to love the orphan for you,

I just want to encourage you.

God loves orphans with or without you.

You simply GET TO be a part of his heart with him.



“There are no unwanted children. Just unfound families.” -Anonymous