. Family Values . What are yours?

" We are what we cherish. What we cherish most, we notice most" - Doug Pollock (GodSpace)


Our volunteer team is going through ^^ This book together, and it is knocking our socks off. WERE LOVING IT.

Here's the point it brings me back to though. it's our values as a society. 

no no. wait, our values as a family.

Because after all.. what we cherish is what we value.. and if what we cherish is what we think about, then what we value is what we set our minds to think about? Right?


Two weeks ago, at our Moms Group (for mommas of multiples & kiddos older than 1) we talked about family values, what it looked like to have them, establish them, and actually live them out.

Its funny because almost all of us of course wants one of our values to be generosity. 

But then again.. when looking at what our heart TRULY cherishes... meaning, what we think about most/ stress about most/ invest the most time into... is it training our hearts to be generous until it hurts?

probably not just magically on our own without some intention & practical ways of living that out.

Thats why when you raise your family wanting to instill values in your children... you have to be intentional about it.


SO here is a few things about values:

Webster Says

Values are:

fam·i·ly val·ues


  1. values held to be traditionally learned or reinforced within a family, such as those of high moral standards and discipline.


-Family Values are staple core Statements/ Beliefs that our family hangs up above our family unit/ our house to rest what we do, who we are, and what we believe in.


How do you come up with values?

Here is the thing.. if you aren't intentional about establishing your family values... I PROMISE you that your family will have them.. it just may not be exactly what you were hoping for.

This can be either a positive or a negative thing...

IE. if your children see parents without balance in their work/ home life, obsessed with money/ constantly talking about money... what do you think a value that is established in them.. will be? (Money, Greed).

If children see parents who are constantly opening their homes to others, hosting parties, spending time with friends, having playdates for their children... what value did the child learn innately? (community, hospitality, healthy friendships)


I love to encourage our moms to do "homework" with their partners if they have them.. and if NOT you can STILL do this! You still have values you are instilling in your children!


_ What are the values you want to make sure your child Grows up with?

_ How do you practically show that to them/ explain them to them frequently?

_ Do you actually value those things? (you can value things you are not doing), If not.. How can you push yourself to really do what you value in life?


** here are some examples of family values that our ladies came up with! Feel free to snag some! I like to say no more than 6 (although I am no values police)

               Honesty, Loyalty, Respect, Unconditional Love, Generosity, Creativity, Nature, Health, Justice, Mercy, Faith, Community, Play, Unity, Gratitude, Hospitality. 



Now its your turn! what are some things that you and your family value? How are you instilling them as practical things to obtain?