NO COMPLAIN NOVEMBER... Who's with me!?

Happy November Ya'll!

You may hate me after I blog post this.

Or you may be challenged, encouraged, and excited to do something new with me.


I am Jenna, I am a mom.. and I complain a lot. Not necessarily because I am a mom... but sometimes I feel like the fact that I am a mom gives me the get out of jail free card when it comes to complaining.

Like I do so much.. I am able to complain whenever the heck I want, thank you very much.

Yeah.. not so much.


Here is something I have learnt lately about moms (categorizing myself in there as well).

But we are the ultimate martyrs.

If our kids are sick, we aren't going.

Actually, if they have a bad day we aren't going.

Actually, if we have a bad day.. we're not going.

Our yes only means yes if all the stars align with our kids attitudes, nap schedules, and our emotions for the day.

We are grouchy as can be on the days that they don't, and we have no guilt over it.. because after all.. we are doing e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Right?

Proverbs 18:21

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

Its the beginning of November, and many of us have begun to partake in the age old facebook tradition where we post something we are grateful for each day.

Some of us make it all the way to Thanksgiving.

Many of us forget a few days in between.

And then there are those of us who don't do it at all. (raising my hand).


Here is my theory.

Posting one thing a day that you are thankful for for the whole online world to see... with eloquent words & wisdom of what God has blessed you with... doesn't change the amount of complaining that you are doing all day long.

Yeah I just said it.... (insert wide eyed emoji here)

Love me forever.



SO here is my challenge for November.



Don't worry, I am taking the challenge as well.


Instead of focusing on thinking about what we are grateful for.. we are going to go to the ROOT problem, and ask & focus on a change of heart in the way that we complain.

The way that we view life.

The way that we allow ourselves to just moan and complain just because we freaking can.

And because no one tells us not to.


No complain November. Say what? Literally.. my challenge.. is for us to not complain.. the.entire.month.


And let's see what happens!


I wonder if by Thanksgiving, if all of our attitudes and actions will actually reflect a grateful heart.

Instead of a "section" cut out of lives and days to say how grateful we are.


I wonder if by starting at the root issue, our mouths, our hearts... we could conquer something HUGE in the mom world.

The ability to be grateful in the midst of every single circumstance.

The ability to be here in the present and now... so that we aren't saying 10 years down the line "how fast it goes, and how we wish we would have paid more attention to the blessings along the way".


SO. Do you hate me yet ;)


Here's the thing. I had this idea a few weeks ago.. and I laugh because of the situation that most recently happened in OUR family that many of you have been reading about and praying for our family in.... and how much this truly will be a challenge for me right now.

Our youngest teen, 18, Logan, skipped out on rehab 2 weekends ago, is pretty much "on his own" and... to even GO into the amount of hurt, pain, and suffering that our family has felt.. would be a waste of time.

Because here is the thing.

I am desperate for perspective.

I am desperate to have joy.

I am desperate to be thankful in the midst of the heartache.


But I also know that that desperation doesn't actually do anything.. unless I change my root issues.

My tendency to complain.

To single out and say "we are the only ones who know what this feels like..." 

Or to dwell in my misery.


It is true that you can simultaneously be suffering, and have joy.

Its actually biblical, if you are the Jesus believing type.


SOOOOO if I can participate in NO COMPLAIN NOVEMBER, SO CAN YOU. i promise.

This is how it works.


It starts out with saying. YES. 


THEN you post The picture below on your facebook status with this status, or something like it!

"I am agreeing to participate in NO COMPLAIN NOVEMBER. What is it? Its a movement to change our world with the very root of our issues. Complaining hearts. I am committing to spend the entire month of November trying my hardest to be conscious about Complaining. Meaning, I will try my hardest to NOT complain, even when the circumstances warrant it. I can grieve, I can have pain, I can say "things are hard" but I cannot complain about the mundane things of my day. I am posting this on facebook for you, my community, to hold me accountable. If you see or hear me complaining, please call me out. (with love :) ) MY goal is to have a thankful and joyful heart at the end of this month... and for it to carry on way past Thanksgiving. IF YOU want to participate in No Complain November, simply repost this picture, and repost this statement! LETS START A MOVEMENT That actually warrants gratitude! One that cuts the issue at the core. NO COMPLAIN NOVEMBER, lets do this!"


And then let's see what happens.

After you make commitments like this, they tend to change your heart.

You tend to see where you complain the most.. and around what circumstances.

You start to see things differently.


And you gain a GRATEFUL heart. 



SO Who's with me?


Psalm 19:14

May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.