No Judgement Zones DO exist!


Moms are scary in todays world! Can I get an AMEN?

The internet is bursting with moms chat groups surrounding each and every topic of motherhood.

Natural parenting, Breastfeeding, Formula Feeding, Diapering choices, Making your own baby food.


While those are all good and dandy.. they can get ROUGH at times..

You know, we've ALL Seen it. 

I think this is mainly because most of the moms on these said groups are going to adopt a certain "stance" on parenting. A certain filter that they run everything through.

I will never forget when I was 4 month post partum, despising breastfeeding, crying every single moment of every day with Post partum depression... and I reached out to one of these groups. Scared as could be.. but BEGGING for help with my kids sleeping habits. I was drowning. I was absolutely MISERABLE.

I asked a question to some regards of "how the HECK to I get my child to sleep more than 3o minutes at a time?! I am losing my mind!!!" 

Although the real version of my question unfiltered would have including a little bit more course language... I of course presented myself.. in a manner a little bit more respectful to the moms I knew were reading that post.

Ill never forget the feeling I had when I read the responses.

I literally balled my eyes out.

If only these moms knew how miserable I was.

If only they knew that I was locking myself in the bathroom balling my eyes out.. not being able to TAKE IT anymore.

They "encouraged" me to just keep nursing all throughout the night... because they get older oh so quickly. 

They questioned why i didn't enjoy breastfeeding, because of course breastfeeding is ALWAYS so natural, beautiful, healthy, and glorious for every mom right?

It was just rough.


SO why do I bring this up?


Because that experience, along with MANY others of those on our staff team... being torched online (and in person) through suggestions of cry it out, or cloth diapering or the idea of buying pre-made baby food at Target.... has influenced WHY we set the culture the way we do at The Mother's Nest.


The one that includes ALL MOMS.

All styles of parenting.

Celebrating Attachment parenting.

Celebrating Natural parenting.

Celebrating Formula feeding.

Celebrating keeping your kid alive for goodness sakes.


Because lets just be honest... that in itself, is the true feat!


The "mom" culture we live in... is sick. We hide behind our computers, either attacking one another based off of our preference of choice... OR we sit alone behind our computers and iphones because we are scared of being judged for our parenting decisions.

The heart behind The Nest is to create a culture where each and every question can be asked, supported, and then filled with answers of encouragement... always coming back to ....








I am really proud of that culture and the trickle down effect it has created.

Our online groups, filled with over 600 moms are coming with questions, and coming even more boldly with beautiful encouragement and empowering each other to do this amazing job we call... "being mommy"


It's similar in our face to face group settings.

We are ALWAYS encouraging moms to come out from behind their phones, computers, and make that long and hard journey out of their house with littles... to The nest.

Because it's always worth it to surround yourself with encouraging community.

Community that gets it.

Community that has been through it... SLASH is going through the same exact stage.

Having the same feelings, guilt issues, and struggles no matter what "genre" of parenting they fold into nicely.


The Mother's Nest?

Well.. almost ALWAYS new moms are scared to come.

(again who wouldn't be?)

But almost ALWAYS they keep coming back.


Not because of anything I do really, or our program leaders.

But because of each other.

Because they are learning to empower one another.

Value one another.

Live life with each other.

And just fully embrace motherhood in all its challenges, struggles, strengths, and woes along the way.



I freaking love it.

The beautiful complexity that it can NEVER fit into anyone's box.

and it is NEVER what you expect it to be.


But its always pushing outside our boundaries.

I hope that one of those boundaries pushed for you, reader, is that you would consider joining the Nest! No... we haven't all known each other forever. But after one time coming.. you will know why most moms keep coming back.


The love is real. 

The support is real.

&& No judgment zones DO exist!