Superheroes kids fall out of their beds TOO.

Okay.. so yesterday. I was pretty pumped up.

House cleaned. Laundry folded. Fall decor out. Kid being awesome. Dinner made.... bedtime came quickly without me praying for it to come soon....

You know.. we all have those days (some few and far between... like me) but we have them!

Those days we feel legit like supermom.





Am I annoying you yet?


I mean. you guys, I literally took THIS picture of myself yesterday conquering mom world.


And then it almost inevitably happens..... am I right?!

Dinner burns, something gets spilled onto your nice clean floor, a kid starts puking...

something. always. happens.


I put Hylan to bed last night.. resting in all of my amazing glory, actually I am pretty sure I even said those exact words to my husband looking for affirmation. *HAHA. note sarcasm*  so I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies & sit down to relax with the hubs.

I literally am laughing as I type this pS. Only because I literally am the LEAST betty crocker/ martha stewart person. I hate cleaning, I hate cooking. I hate meal planning. I hate grocery shopping. I hate laundry.....

PRETTY MUCH brandon and I joke (slash I am not joking at all) DAILY about hiring a housewife.


jk. did you click it?

So... as I am sitting down on my high horse we both hear a 



Hylan just fell out of his big boy bed.

OH.. and in all of my mom glory goodness I am greatness... did I forget to mention? I forgot to put the crib mattress underneath of it for.this.very.reason.

Because you know.. hes been in a big boy bed for a week, and hasn't fallen out.

So of COURSE it would happen on my

"awesome mom day".


Side note:

Have you ever noticed how fast you can run upstairs pregnant when your child gets hurt? .Its pretty impressive, seems how most days it takes me 23 minutes exactly to even get the energy to GET OFF the couch.. let alone get up the stairs.. just to go PEE for the hundredth time that day!


Back to the Point: 

So we run in. OH. and joy. hes bleeding. WHAT THE HECK.

Good job mom, you forgot to put the crib mattress underneath.

You also chose not to buy a bed rail because you didn't want to spend $22 at target.

And now his entire mouth is bleeding.


I must confess something.


Have you ever seen my child's teeth?

They are literally... my favorite things IN THE WORLD.

Here let me show you.

Go ahead, click on the picture to enlarge those cute pearly whites. 

After all, I did spend ALOT Of sleepless nights waiting for those 16 suckers to come through.


And my first thought was......


not really because of the pain part, just because I am SO obsessed with them.


So if you were waiting for a huge revelation from this story.... uhm... you're not going to get one. Other than the fact that I am ridiculous HAHA.


moral of the story. 

When you are having a super awesome mom day.

Dont tell anyone.

Dont post a facebook status.

Dont text your friends to tell them.

... Because your child will bust their mouth open.

It will end in blood.

And being up all night long.

And getting up at 4:30 to eat oatmeal & watch Dora with him.. because his mouth hurts.


Okay.. maybe (hopefully) not.


Although.. I have to say, if I ever need ammunition to NOT clean the house. (so pretty much every day of my life) ... I could always use the excuse that... "last time I was supermom... my kid fell off the bed and busted his lip.. all to put me in my place. I better stay put and watch netflix right now." 




We are just moms.

We are superheroes somedays.

And forgetful clumsy messy ladies the next.


And the moral of the story?

Superheroes kids fall out of their beds too.