To the mom of one.. preparing for her second <3

You sit there at the end of the day propping your swollen feet up, rubbing your huge pregnant belly.... and wonder,

"How in the world am I going to handle two?!"


I know.. because I thought the same thing 5 weeks ago.

While my huge belly contracted, my toddler was screaming, and my hormones were raging.



Those hard days with the first, make it seem immeasurably difficult to imagine life with another little one who will literally need you for everything. 


Well, I am here to tell you that.... you will be able to do it.

And there will be so many things that surprise you along the way.


Like how your body remembers how to nurse immediately as if it never stopped. (if you nursed/nurse).

How your heart expands beyond what you could ever imagine to love this new addition just as much as the first.

How you genuinely make it to the end of the day and aren't quite sure how you were able to handle the tantrums, the crying, the spitting up, the millions of diapers in two sizes now... see a smile from your newest... and are willing to do it all over again the next day.

How newborn cuddles are even sweeter the second time around.

And Toddler cuddles are something special because now you realize just how quick they grew up.

How all the babies ending up in the bed waking up all night is fine.. because you know now that everything has a season.. and that someday these kids WILL sleep through the night. (THEY WILL RIGHT? ;))

That emotions are fleeting and you realize this now.. and aren't quite as scared to go into the dark ones, or the bright ones.. because you've made it through them both before... and know they dont define you as a mom.

How you realize you aren't alone this time. That you have a community surrounding you that WILL support you. *If you dont have community, let US be yours!*



I am here, my sweet friends.. to tell you that I was scared to death of this little addition.

I had only had an experience with a colicy newborn & a depressed momma.

And now I have something different, (which of course is no guarantee)... but regardless, you CAN do this.

The hard days will seem long, but faster because of the fast pace of your oldest.

The Growth spurts will seem like a minute long because the days are flying by.

The sweet moments will seem all the sweeter because they are quickly overshadowed by an attention seeking toddler.


You can do this.

You will wrap your head around two.

And a schedule for two (ish).

And cherish sweet moments (even if they involve writing a blog while you newborn sleeps on you, and your toddler is watching the ipad sitting next to you) AKA my current ;)

You got this.

Put your swollen feet up, watch that netflix show, and rest that body.. you are almost there, and you CAN do this!